Thursday, September 23, 2010

we found a new little restaruant called the queen creek cafe. It reminds me of wyoming alot. There are ropes and saddles and very western looking things in there. It's good though. We have only been for breakfast but they have a special every night. Fridays they do an all you can eat fish fry. This gadget shows us how much electricity we are using each hour. you can see the difference when you turn off a light or turn on the washer and dryer. Allan says i'm becoming obsessed with this toy. lol.. I think it's neat.

He also thinks i'm a dork cause i keep taking pictures of silly things but it's so that i can share my day with you all.

I got these shoes at walmart. The last two pairs have came from walmart and i have to say i'm impressed with their style these days. They have really cute shoes for kids. Lilly has gotten multiple comments about both pairs and they always ask where did you get them. I think it's funny when i say WALMART.

Lilly found the park today. She sported some static in her hair from the slide. Right now she is yelling at me about the park. She really liked it so i think that we may make that a nightly routine. There were tons of kids out playing. All older than lilly but emma will make some good friends. The elementary school down the street had a parents night so alot of people walk to and from the school. We saw alot of parents walking home from there. It's nice that it is so close.

Here is a picture of the play equipment at the park. There is also a basketball court and a big field. This park is at the end of our street so very close for us.

This is the front of our house. I wasn't sure if i ever posted a picture of it??

What are these blooming bushes. Everything in my backyard is purple. I like them but i want some other color besides purple. We have other bushes and they are purple too. The landscapers got stuck on purple i think..

The sweetest smile i saw all day!! She is learning how to ride her tricycle. Steering or pedaling but she wasn't great at doing both together. She did manage to do them both for little spurts and this is her smile when she did.

Lilly playing in " emma's room" she thinks it's emma's room not hers. lol. They are sharing this room for th etime being. We will probably put in bunkbeds soon.


The Mason Bunch said...

Yay Pictures! I love to see other peoples pictures. Nice park! Lilly will make so many great memories there.

Don't worry, Doug thinks I'm crazy when I take lots of pictures of what I've been doing. He wants to admit me to the funny farm when I begin taking photos of the meals I create. LOL! Sarah ~ take pictures, you'll have so much fun doing it.

I like your house! Very nice. I like the color purple, so I like your bushes. I can understand though what you're talking about. Too much purple, I guess can be a little much.

Y'all have a great weekend.

P.S. I tried shipping your clothes today, but I think I forgot to do something (note for mailperson) when I scheduled the p/u. Bottomline, the maillady didn't pick up the box as she is delivering the mail. Ugh. I'll have to go to the post office tomorrow. It will get to ya, I promise.

The Thorsrud Family said...

love the pics. Lilly is getting so big, and just beautiful. I miss her! Love the house, love the bushes! Love the bike! You guys are so blessed!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to finally be HOME!! It is a beautiful house! We are going to enjoy having the "girls" show us around when we come down. Us Brindley girls use to love to show our grandparents around when they came to visit. Keep the pictures coming! Love Lilly's smiles, and my son is still so handsome, with that beautiful smile of his! Love, MOM