Thursday, September 9, 2010

a little add in

I forgot why i was telling a lilly story.. so the other part of her story is that she is cracking me up because she has a new habit. It's funny and yet annoying all in one. I'll ask her to do something like put a diaper in the trash and she will say " sorry" except she says it funny. It doesn't matter what it is that you ask her if she doesn't want to do it she just says " sorry" like your outta luck. lol she has gotten a few spankings over this now but it's a bit funny and me and her dad have been making fun of her behind her back. allan will ask me to take my car somewhere or something and i'll say " sooriee" that's more of how she says it. SHe is a great little helper and usually she wants to help with everything but if she doesn't want to help she now thinks she can just say sorry and that takes care of that. lol..

Oh and potty training is still as it has been. When she is naked in the house she will go no problem in the toilet everytime but as soon as i put the pull ups on her she pees. I'm tempted to just use the training pants and make her wear them if she gets them wet but i guess that's a little mean. ?? She is fine if she is naked but she doesn't get the concept of keeping any panties or diapers or pull ups dry. If she has bottoms on then they are meant to be peed in..

How about this game tonight. ALlan and i are really excited for football season to be starting back up. WE are switching teams and he is going to start rooting for the vikings. I haven't yet picked one but i'm keeping an eye on arizona and an eye on the saints. If the saints hadn't won the superbowl last year i probably would be picking them but that looks a little suspicous. lol.. i do like them cause drew brees went there from san diego and he was the quarterback when i was in san diego.. i'm glad he won. ! anyway the saints play the vikings tonight.. woot woot!!

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The Thorsrud Family said...

That is a really cute story! ha! Lilly has spunk, I will give her that!

Ya, Jake did the same thing, peeing in pants, diaper, training pants if he had them. ANNOYING. If he was naked he wouldnt go....but ONE time he seemed to grow out of that and pooped right on the dining room floor. Not cool. He got in trouble for that one! When Jake UNDERSTOOD what he was doing wrong, thats where the spankings were valuable :0) It's hard to know when they know, but Jake pooping in the dining room made that a little more clear for me! :0)