Monday, September 6, 2010

diet dealings

Okay so my friend anna tried the diet before i did. She lasted two days and said no way.. it wasn't for her. She is going to do weight watchers instead. It lets her have about 1100 calories a day which she thinks is a lot more reasonable. So i started my diet today. I have to say after today i might agree with her. This is crazy!!! The morning wasn't so bad. I had more than i was suppose to all day though and still thought it was hard and crazy. I think just knowing you aren't suppose to eat things makes you want them. I had an orange and a bagel and a tiny bite or two of soup but that even put me at like 300 something calories. So i took the vitamin b12 and held it under my tongue this am and it tasted okay but burned for some reason. The bottle has a warning about niacin making you flush so maybe that is it. lol.. Then this afternoon i tried the hcg stuff. It really didn't taste like anything. i had a handful of popcorn with lilly and then tonight i made a meal that i had bought from an hcg diet kitchen.. thought that it was going to be a good idea.. nope. That thing didn't even look like something i wanted anywhere near my mouth. i tried one bite and almost gagged. i think they used alot of ginger in it. I hate ginger. So anyway i have been counting calories today but am no where near 500 probably more close to 1000. The good news is that i have not had a soda all day. there are something like 170-190 calories in each mt dew and i have been an avd mt dew drinker. I did gget a bad headache but took some tylenol and it is gone now. The bad news.. allan is bringing me something to eat. I told him to get the smallest sandwich from wherever he went. Then i looked up the calories for that to see where i'm at. I'm guesing i'm close to 1000 today. So did i stick with the HCG diet.. sadly NO. But am i still way under for calories and watching what i'm eating .. YES!! so i still consider day 1 a victory. I'm not going to weigh myself for a while but when i do i'll start posting if i lose any lbs!

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