Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lilly story

So it's business as usual around here. Allan is working a bunch but has friday off then does nights on saturday night. He has been ticking away at his schooling too. Only about three or 4 more classes i think till he has his degree in electronics. I started my first two classes for my 4 year degree. I don't even wanna talk about how many more to go.. lol. They aren't to bad just time consuming. However i did find time to go to bingo today and yes i WON!!! i won 700 bucks. Of course this is going towards our house closing costs and furniture and stuff. well just moving expenses really. But a win is a win and it was fun!

Lilly has been great. Her teachers at school think she is so funny.They tell me everyday what kind of things she was doing that cracked them up. Yesterday i picked her up and all the kids were covered in shaving cream. The teachers had let them play with it on their craft table. All the kids had it all over them. NOT LILLY.. nope they said she put a finger in it once or twice and said no way. lol.. i asked her why shse didn't want to play in it and she said " a mess" she was right it was a mess. Today i picked her up and they told me that she played hard outside and hada good day but when they came in from playing she was crying so the teacher asked her what was wrong and well she was crying because her shoes were dirty.. i think i may have a prissy little thing on my hands. lol. NOt really but she is pecurliar about messy things. she doesn't like her clothes to be wet at all and if something is dirty on her she tells me she needs a " bebe wipe" and that means she wants to scrub it with a baby wipe. Generally she is just a very happy little girl full of love and hugs and kisses. She has been carrying a babydoll just about everywhere she goes right now. She has 3 dolls. two i think are cabbage patch kids and they get no attention but the one that cries and moves it's eyes.. well that baby goes everywhere with her. Only one eyeball moves now and i think it is the grossest weird doll almost scary but she loves that doll and wont let me replace it with any other. ANyway, the little girl will not go to bed tonight and her dad is almost home from the gym so i better sign off of here and get her down before he comes home and catches her up


The Mason Bunch said...

Cute story. It's okay to be a neat freak, I don't like messes either. LOL!

She is precious. Give hugs and kisses for me.

Y'all have a great weekend.

Jenn said...

I wish Emma would be upset when she gets dirty...but noooo...she gets upset when she can't get dirty!