Tuesday, September 14, 2010

house walk thru done

Today we went out and did our final walk through of the house. They are finsihing up some things but pretty minor things and we have a home warranty so we know that if anything isn't working they will fix it. So they had to order a soft water system for us because tehy couldn't fix the one they had put in before. So we got a super duper one. I think they usually go for around 5-600 but this one is 1000 bucks. So that's nice that we don't have to pay for it! What else. There is a low part in the yard and so they are putting a pipe under and a catch tank to re route some of the water. It's not by the house or anything but they still wanted to fix that before we moved in. What else?? i have a gas stove and i love it! it's really neat to finally have one. the only concern there is that ms lilly can turn the knobs. So we are going to have to watch out for that. They were finishing painting in the garage today and airing that out for us. There was an office in there for the maintenance team but since they moved out they are restoring it back to normal and that even included a paint job. It's pretty amazing. The ordered a whole box of air filters for us just to have and they ordred a can of every color paint that is in the house. Pretty awesome too huh? I'm just amazed with it so far. Everything is new and nice and i'm sure we aren't goign to know how to work a thing in this house but it will be fun to learn. lol.. like the pool ?? we have never had to take care of one of those before. Oh and the house is wired for sound?? but wehave to hook it up?? not sure when we will get around to that. lol.. anyway we are getting excited because we finally get the keys on thursday or friday. woohoo!!! We have already decided that we aren't goign to stay a night in the house though till allan has a day off and we are all moved in with tv's connected and food in the fridge. Then it will be like we are really moved in. i just didn't want to stay there alone when he is working nights for the first night. I'm a scaredy cat i guess. But a new house has new sounds and new people in the neighborhood and well.. yeah i want him home with me. ;0) anyway just wanted to share some of our excitement with you all!


Jenn said...

Very exciting!! I can't wait to see it when you are all moved in so I can see the changes you made. Way cool about the paint. That will be handy for little mishaps (aka children) LOL

The Thorsrud Family said...

YEA! Im so excited for you guys!!!

Sandy Keyes said...

Let us know when you guys are all moved in. Need a new address!! Kiss the girls for us. Love, MOM