Friday, November 5, 2010

we are home again..

Its been such a long day. sheww i'm glad its over for now. i had to drive out to get emma in gila bend and i forgot what a long drive that is. Especially from our new house. The girls were troopers. We had dinner with jenn and her grandfather then we loaded back up and headed home with emma. They are already in their pj's. we stopped by blockbuster and rented movies. I hardly ever rent movies but i thought they might like going in and picking one out for themselves. So Emma got ghostbusters the cartoon and lilly got pinochio. So now they are settled in upstairs on cots in the playroom watching thier movies. I'm about to go turn on the t.v. myself and make a spot on the couch. Allan went to the gym tonight because we weren't going to be home by the time he got home anyway. So i hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Tomorrow is a brand new day. ;-) night

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