Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans day!

Veterans Day
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WEll Today was veterans day and i want to say thank you to all of you who wished me a good one or said thank you for my service. I really don't ever expect to get so many comments or thank yous and it always catches me by suprise. I guess I don't really think of myself as a vet even though I am. I served in the Navy for 8 years. I did two deployments to afganistan and Iraq. I wasn't on the ground involved in real combat but i was there and it was scary at times.There were times when i didn't see the sun for days which is weird living in phoenix and thinking about it now. There were a couple times when we needed to put on our gas masks and it wasn't a drill which was scary. Our ship did support the ground. We did drop bombs from the aircraft that was on our ship and so I guess i was involved because i supported those aircraft from our ship. Anyway, My husband is also a vet. HE served in the marines for 5 years. Doing the same thing basically. I want to say a special thanks for thinking of us to mirya and to june if you read this. WE appreciate that our family took the time to remember our service. ;-) It was nice to talk to both of you the other day on facebook. Also thank you to jennifer my stepdaughters mom. She is posting a link about emma writing something for school about her dad and grandpa being vets. I look forward to reading about it. I'm sure allan will like that too. It really is important to thank the vets you know. Even if you don't agree with the wars or the president or anything else. THese are good hard working people that are out there fighting or have fought for the freedom you get. If you know a vet I hope you called them or emailed them or said thank you in some sort of a way. It makes them and well us know that we are appreciated and makes us remember that all our years in weren't a waste no matter what the outcome of the war or anything else. So thank you to everyone who did say something to us today. You guys make it worth it!! ;-)

On to a different note. My veteran friend jenny morgan won something today!! She was contacted by the ellen show and she won a vacation that was worth 19 thousand dollars!! awesome huh? she was the at home viewer that won. I think it is awesome and can't think of anyone more deserving than that dear sweet girl.! you go miss jenny!

Today we tried panties for the first time for my little two year old sweet face kido. She has wore them before but today i let her wear them all day! it did not go well. She is fine when we are at home and yesterday i just let her wear them for like 4 hours and she took them off twice and used the bathroom like a big girl. Today was a disaster! She peed in them 3 times. Once at walmart and it required a whole change of clothes. So she is soaking in the tub and I am trying to not be talked into throwing in the towel and not caring if she is ever potty trained. She turns 3 in december and I have tried all kinds of stuff from candy, to pee pee dances, to hugs and kisses, and yes i know some of you wont agree but i did even spank her for peeing in her panties. NOTHING is working!! she is fine if she is running around butt naked. She won't have any accidents but if she has panties on it's a hit or miss on how she will do and if she has panites and clothes on then apparently she just pees in them. I even bought her some new big girl panties. So please any encouragment is greatly appreciated. Or if you all have any ideas i'm willing to listen. I know they all get it when they are ready but geez i don't want her to be five and still not doing it!! ahhhhhhhhhh! lol. okay so i'm not the most patient person in the world either. We are not giving in though. We are going to do panties tomorrow too. so pray it goes better than today. Anyway it's time for her to get outta the tub and into a diaper and pjs. I'm so not even attempting the overnight panties. lol. see ya later.

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Jenn said...

Honestly with Emma, going to daycare played a big roll in her potty training. She was trained a little while before she hit 3 because she could not move to the 3 year old class! At home I just kind of let her do it herself. When she stayed dry at night I figured she was ready and I would push a little more.
That is freakin awesome about your friend Jenny! I need to enter more contests. LOL
It pisses me off something fierce when people put down our military because they don't agree with war. They are doing their jobs following orders, risking their lives so that we as Americans have the freedoms we have. Oh could I go on for a while on that subject...but I won't because this is already long winded!
Happy Veterans Day!