Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its wed.

I'm tired today. Are you guys? But I m excited cause I have lost 5lbs. Not that you or even I can how did I lose the weight??? Yeah good question. Don't know but I have lost 5 lbs since we moved into our new house. I hope it keeps coming off with out me doing anything major haha.
Today allan is up in the attic running cable. He also hung a towel hook for me in the bathroom. Its nice to be getting that stuff done. I've been doing laundry most of the day. I made breakfast for allan and lilly. We have all been practicing sitting down at the table for meals. Its hard these days but we believe its a very important thing for a family to do. So i made sausage and biscuits and eggs and we all sat down. Lilly is funny because she like every kid likes my food better than her own even though it's the same exact thing. So i shared off my plate and she ate a good breakfast. I just gave her an apple for lunch. She likes to snack like her dad. Tonight i'm going to make up a big thing of spaghetti so that allan will have lunch to take with him this week to work.
My mom and brother are coming in two weeks now. That's exciting and one of the reasons allan is in the attic running that cable to all the other bedrooms. I called mom today and she was weeding out stuff and packing some things getting ready for their trip in a few more weeks.
It's 90 here today. I just went outside and boy was it warm. So weird to be still warm in November. Even in ky we would have been making a couple fires by now in the fireplace.
On a different note I was a bit sad to see that our medical marijuana bill did not pass here in arizona. Not that i'm a big druggie or anything but i hate the idea that if a cancer patient cant get an appetite or hold things down and marijuana ( a plant god made) helps them in their fight that they would outlaw it and could arrest these sick people for trying to help heal themselves. I don't know what everyone elses outlook is on this but it was a very close call here in arizona. I'm not sure i support the california bill or not for totally legalizing it. Part of me says it's just a plant and it's no worse than alcohol and we have that everywhere with a legal drinking age. The other part of me says look at all the trouble alocohol causes with drunk drivers and such do we want high drivers too.. but i'm sure we already have those anyway. I guess i actually support it with legal age attached to it like smoking or drinking. I think Everything should just be age 21. By 21 you are an adult and You should have a head on your shoulders and be able to pick what you want to do. It's not that i would smoke alot of pot or anything. I really hardly ever drink even though i'm old enough. I just think it should be my right to decide. Especially when its a plant. If i choose not to eat oregano then that's my choice. lol okay maybe that is a lame comparision. Anyway I do support the medical marijuana bill and i was sorry to see it not pass. That could have been some more jobs for this state. ;-) Plus free up alot of useless arrest time for the cops. How did the voting fare in your states. are you pleased not pleased with any of it? I'm totally glad it's over. I am so over all the crappy mean commericials most of all.

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Anonymous said...

I too am over the commercials! I am happy about how somethings turned out, not thrilled about others, but that is the way it goes. I very rarely talk politics because I can't stand how people judge people for their opinions. It is so frustrating! Whats worse is when people try to argue a point they know absolutely nothing about! Ok Im done now LOL I am with you about eating at the table. I think it is important and it is such a good time to have family time. I can't wait to get moved up there and make a home! Emma is still set on being in Queen Creek LOL