Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm still here..

I've been enjoying having my family here. Lilly has been inseperable from her grandma lala since my mom got here. Lilly has also been pretty sick. She doesn't have a fever anymore but she has a croopy goopy sounding cough. hopefully that will clear up in a couple of days. I want to take her back to the zoo this week with my brother. We are also getting ready for thanksgiving around here. I have a huge turkey taking up most of the room in my fridge. WE have been making our recipe lists and getting our supplies. WE invited a few friends to come eat with us. Allan has had the last two days off but he goes back to work tomorrow. He got a new schedule at work though and now he works 4 on and 4 off which is going to be nice to have him home more often. Currently he works 4 on 2 off so another 2 days off will be nice. ;-) He doesn't really start this new schedule till mid december but now he gets christmas day off so i'm excited about that. He was suppose to work it before. They hired a new guy though and so finally these guys get some time off. woohoo.
Anyway i've been watching dexter trying to catch up on the new season and i'm about to watch another episode so I'm signing off here. HAVE A GOOD WEEK!


Jenn said...

oooh his new schedule is going to make it so much easier! Hopefully after the holidays we can get more of a routine down for Emma's visits LOL
Is Allan off Christmas Eve? or just Christmas Day?

your friends the keyes said...

he i s just off for christmas. well he has four days off then christmas and next three. then works 4 then off 4.. so yeah we can talk about christmas after we get thru thanksgiving.. ? lol