Saturday, November 6, 2010

busy fun day

Mega mind was very funny and cute. The girls enjoyed our day out. We ate at the food court for lunch. They had hotdog on a stick. Then we went to throw pennies in the fountain which they always like doing. We also checked out the disney store. They have pjs there 2 for 20 bucks. I think santa might bring them both some new ones this year. We also checked out claires. Then we headed to the movies. It was packed and we had to sit up close but they didn't care. Lilly bbounced between my lap and her chair. After the movie we went and got emmas bangs cut. Lilly watched again buut had no interest in getting up in that big chair. Since then we have been at home doing dishes and taking baths. We also opened the operation game I bought. That was fun but of course lilly is just too little to understand it. She liked to touch the sides and make the red nose buzzer go off. She thought that was how she was suppose to play. Emma endured playing with her. Lol they had a big bath inmy tub . I heard emma giving lilly a lesson in bathing. She told her se is suppose to relax and enjoy it like a big hottub. I thought that was cute. So allan is about to come home from work and I'm looking forward to relaxing myself. Good night peeps.

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