Wednesday, November 17, 2010

early bird gets the worm?

Glad To See You!
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WE are up and at them at 630 this morning. Lilly is so excited about her gramma lala and uncle aaron getting here today. She just cant wait. She has learned to count down the days on her fingers.. well sort of she doesn't get the numbers right always but she knows when there she has just her fist left that it means lala's here. So she has been waving her little fist around saying lala here today.
Poor lilly has been sick the last day or two. She was throwing up two nights ago but yesterday she was just running a fever and not very spunky. I"m hoping today she will be her normal self. She still feels a little warm but her attitude is a little more normal today. She hardly ate a thing in the last two days so i'm about to go see what i can scrounge up for breakfast that might appeal to her. Then we will start picking up the house again. She has toys scattered in every room i think cause i've let her do just about whatever she wanted to while she was sick.
Oh on a different note has anyone been looking in those black friday ads? Have you found anything that you have to have or any spectacular deals?I'm excited about walmart and i think that is where i'm going to start out. Here is a small list of the things i like at walmart for some little girls i know.. crayon maker for 15 bucks, dvd how to train your dragon for 9.00, disney's finea and ferb ds game 10.00, spongebob for wii 10.00, there is also a portable dvd player for 50.00 ( lilly's broke on us the other night.. i think it has gotten tossed or fell off the bed one too many times) They also have a small 19 inch tv for 98 bucks which i think would be great for the girls room. I'm thinking about a power wheels vehicle also. They are usually like 250 bucks but they have some onsale for like 88 dollars at walmart at midnight i think on thanksgiving. So i might have to go check that out and see. I think lilly would love that and actually i can see emma still trying to fit her little body into it. lol
Anyway i hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'm so excited to see my family again.

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Nicolle said...

Hi again! Hope you are having a nice visit with family. We don't do much Christmas shopping, so I haven't paid attention to the Black Friday deals, plus I hate crowds! haha.