Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our movie starts at 2!!

That's the movie we are going to go see. i think it looks pretty funny so i don't mind sitting thru this one with them. My mom really wants to take both girls to see tangled. I think it comes out next month. it's about rapunzel i guess. It looks pretty cute too. BTW jenn, i told emma when we were in blockbuster last night that the movie diary of a wimpy kid is out and she begged for me to get it but i said no since she isn't done with the book but i told her that you would probably rent it for her and if you didn't then i would. I don't have a clue about it though..?? is the movie appropriate? Has anyone else out there watched that one?

These girls are being great today. Lilly is running to the bathroom to pee or pretend to pee and emma is upstairs cleaning up from their slumber party fun last night. allan is back at work today and I'm getting ready to do the dishes when lilly finishes with her bagel and cream cheese.
Only a week and a half before my mom and brother get here. I'm so excited. I miss my family and could really use some nice kind people around. ;-) Lilly can't wait to see her gramma lala. My mom told her she was bringing her some presents and now that's all lilly can talk about. She came in close to 11 last night telling me that lala is bringing her presents.
What else is going on around here.. Well i need to get these girls haircuts. Emma just needs ehr bangs clipped really but i cant cut a straight line to save my life so i'm going to try and have her and lilly go in together. Lillly has not let anyone chop at her hair so i'm doubting i'll get her to sit still in the chair but you never know. She might give it a try. We will see. If not it's not the end of the world. Her hair has just grown in strange like shorter on the sides and longer in the back so i was thinking about getting it cut to all one length finally. i'm not going to cut her bangs though cause i don't think she would sit still enough to keep up with that all the time.
Anyway i'll let you all know how our day goes later. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything on that movie yet but there is like 5 billion of those books!

Anonymous said...

Tangled looks cute!
BTW Emma's hair grew really weird too. Im gonna go with the common factor here and blame her dad on that one LOL

Nicolle said...

OMG, I had to mom goes by "lala" too!!!