Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving dinner

We had thanksgiving today ( friday). We had a total of ten adults and 5 children come and eat. WE still somehow managed to have a ton of left overs. We had a turkey, a ham, broccoli and cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry salad, rolls, yams, green bean casserole, and pink stuff ( fruit salad with whip cream deal). It was awesome! every one was very full and happy. WE are very blessed to have great friends and family here in arizona. Its a nice perk of being in the navy that almost any state we move we already know someone from there or that lives there. So we had friends here before we even moved here. QUite a few actually and that is nice to be able to celebrate with them. I also made a double layer pumpkin pie which is very easy and was the hit of the evening. I make one just about every year. WE watched football and had wine and just an all around great time. I hope everyone elses went well too.
I am exhausted now because i braved the crowds at walmart at their midnight sale last night which kept me up till 3 am and then i was back up at 8 am cooking and cleaning. i did get a few prize items. lilly is getting an electric scooter this year. It's a big ride on toy but we have the perfect riding spot for it behind our home. The big ticket item i picked up wasn't at the black friday sale though. WE got a doggie. yes we got another dog. lol.. WE got one a while back and gave it away two weeks later probably. IT HAD PROBLEMS and i would love to rescue a little doggie but this wasn't a puppy that we had gotten and the people pretty much just lied. it was not housbroken at all stole food from the table from my kids and would run and hide under the bed like a cat if you moved towards him at all. So anyway we decided to stick with a puppy so that we can raise it in the right way. So i saw an ad for a toy poodle and my mom has been wanting one for a long time so me and my brother went in on it and got it for my mom. I think it's a wonderfully little cute tiny ball of fur puff. her name is honey and she is honey colored. she is 10 weeks old and adorable and she has made it outside to pee a zillion times today already and goes on pee pads if she can't get one of us to take her out. we put pee pads by the sliding door so if she doesn't get our attention she goes right there on the pad. she is playful and the kids like her alot. lilly didn't at first she wanted her toby dog and kept telling us to take the new dog " home" which i'm assuming she meant get it out of her home. but allan took the kids to the park and when lilly came home and saw honey again she was so happy and said " honey your still here" i think she was just sad for toby( aka the horrible dog)
Anyway tomorrow we are packing away the thanksgiving decorations and pulling out chirstmas supplies if we get time. I want to try to take lilly and emma skating tomorrow night though so we will have to see how that goes.
till tomorrow have a great night and sleep tight.

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