Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i was looking at a new blog today.. you can find it here... She wrote a whole little series on confessions. So today I'm going to write one too. lol
What are your confessions? I'm not asking for deep dark secrets just maybe tid bits that are funny about you that you don't normally share for whatever reasons.

1. HOUSEWORK-- I really don't mind housework. i procrstinate on it and just try to straighten things instead of deep cleaning then i'll get a crazy itch to clean one thing that is driving me nuts and I'll field day it, scrub scrub scrub till it looks like new. lol But my confession is that i almost always clean in my pajama's. i'm not exactly sure why i do this. i think maybe i just figure i'm going to have to change when i'm done so why dirty more laundry.. i don't know.

2. CHILDREN-- i'm a mom to one of the most adorable kids in the whole wide world. Her name is LILLY. I guess i'm biased but she fills me with joy. She is about to be three in december and while it is a rather difficult age it's also a fun one because i never know what she is going to do. So my confession is that I'm feeling pulled to have another one. Yep we keep going back and forth on this idea but i think me and my husband are leaning more and more on the idea of having another little one soon. As I'm writing this on the back porch I just has to stop and yell at lilly to get the broom out of our pool.. lol. Not sure why she likes dipping things that don't belong into the pool.

3. HOBBIES-- I don't have any. I know this is an odd confession but i really don't have any hobbies that i love to do. i'm not a sewer, or a baker, or a scrapbooker, there are no sports that i'm that into. I do love bingo but have recently decided that I'm taking a break from my bingo outings. Are there any hobbies that you would suggest for me? I have free time but i haven't found anything that i would love to do. i usually keep so busy with the hustle and bustle of bng a mom and a wife that i don't think about what i would really like to do.. hmm.. not sure on this one.

Anyway I'd love to hear other's confessions.


Anonymous said...

I had a whole big comment about hobbies and lost it :( Oh well.
I want to learn to knit. I want to make my own blanket! I also really want to take a zumba class or yogo or something like that. They all look really fun to me. I am always burried in something trying to stay busy.
If you really want to find out if you want more kids, I send Emma up for a couple of weeks! LOL

Nicolle said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your daughter is VERY cute. Yes, this is a terribly difficult age. Our little guy is 2 years 7 months old. It's an adorable age, but very testing. lol. I look forward to reading through your blog.

I guess my main hobby is photography, which I have turned into a very small, but fun side business. I want to be a crafty person and make things, but I just don't have it in me. Some days it's all I can do to keep up with my son! :)

ps. I love Phoenix! We have family in Phoenix and another close town, Morristown. Love it there so much!