Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today has not been going so well. I just can't get motivated to do anything today. Our house is a mess and i need to clean it up because my mom and brother will be here next week. They couldn't care less if it's messy and my mom always says " sarah don't clean for us i'll help you clean when i get there" but seriously who wants anyone coming when it's a wreck. lol. I have piles of laundry that i should be doing today but most of it is in our room and allan is sleeping in there for his night shift tonight. The rest of the house is messing from lilly really. She has been stuck in the house and has played with i think every toy and board game and coloring pages and paints. So i need to pick it all up and mop the floors and do the dishes.. however i just can't get motivated. i also have a ton of homework i need to be doing too but I cant' stand to think about doing it. It's not hard at all by any means but it's boring. It's a critical thinking class and it must be thinking for dummies because it's just silly. I have 100's on just about all the stuff i have turned in. i think i have one 90 and an 85 on the one that i did not put any effort at all in last week. I also need to write out some letters. My brother could use some mail in ky to make him feel loved and not alone. I keep meaning to write but don't for whatever reason. So now it's going on about two weeks since i wrote him. Also we got a letter from allan's grandparents. His grandmother has wrote every once in a while. Girls always seem to be better at keeping in touch but anyway his grandfather actually wrote in the letter to us. So i want to make sure and write them back. It was interesting and the timing is a little crazy but i need to get a response out to that. I guess i don't need to be in a hurry to respond. They were responding to our change of address newsletter we sent out a few months ago. We have lived here for 2 months now so they aren't fast either. lol. What else.. i really need to go get a haircut for myself. I keep debating what i wato have done though. So i'm procrastinating on that too. Really if i just got started on one thing i'm sure i'd knock all of it out. I'm pretty good at getting things done when i get motivated to do it but i'm soooooooooo not motivated right now. why?? Well allan has been on nights and i never sleep that well when he is gone so maybe i'm tired. maybe my lists are too long on what i need to do so i'm having trouble finding a starting place? who knows.

On a different note. I found a hobby. Yep i'm knitting now. i'm starting with the easiest things like scarves. I'm making fun kid ones for the holiday christmas presents. I have to go buy some yarn. I'll have to post pictures when i'm done. I know lilly and emma are getting one for sure probably for christmas. They may never wear them in arizona though. Who knows. It might get chilly enough. It's been kinda cold at night and in the early mornings. i think allan said it was in the 50's. It's been in the 70's all week during the day.

Did i mention that i became a member to the zoo also? Yep we went back with serra and payton yesterday. Lilly has been asking to go back to the zoo all day today too. She really likes it so i just went ahead and bought a membership. they have zoo lights in december. It's all decorated in chirstmas lights so we want to go to that too. it's 18 bucks for non members to go once and 50 bucks for an adult to become a member. So i figured i was already going to spend the 18 bucks yesterday. then they said if you buy a membership they give you two free tickets and i thought well that's 36 bucks right there and now mom and aaron can go to the zoo with us. Or allan and emma on a weekend when she is here. it just made since to go ahead. it's good for a year now for me and lilly to go. i have a feeling if it was closer we would be going everyday if it were up to lilly. she made monkey sounds at the mokeys. it was funny. The highlight of her trip though was milking the fake cow. She was not going to leave the zoo without milking that thing.

What else?? yep that's about it. hope everyone is having a good weekend. We start ours tomorrow when allan gets off work for two days finally. This has been a long 4 days. wow.


Anonymous said...

That is too funny you mentioned knitting! I was just talking to my mom about teaching me last night. I really want to make a blanket, and maybe some beanies! BTW you can wear scarves in AZ. It gets cold to us here LOL
Way cool about the zoo. I plan on getting a membership when Emma and I get moved back up there. Did you get to see the little monkeys that run all around you?

Anonymous said...

Girl i hear ya on the motivation issue. I have felt like that as well. i <3 knitting.. I was taught by my sweet late grandmother years and tears ago it's a very calming hobby good luck i know you will enjoy