Friday, November 5, 2010

If your here it's because i choose you!

i had to do a little weeding out on our blog. If you got an invite it's because i want to share our family's happenings with you. I love blogging. I have gotten some great recipes ( thank you mirya) and entered good contests ( thank you jenn) and i love seeing all the pictures and hearing about the vacations, holidays,weekends in everyone elses blogs. I also like to hear about what other people are going thru in their lives. I love hearing stories of kids so if your here it's because i love sharing with you. i had crappy spammers sending me comments alot too so i thought i'd take this blog off the public forum and send invites only too it. REally i think i know everyone that stops by. I have a stat counter on here so i get to see who all comes by to look but i always love getting comments from people i really know. ;-) Anyway hope everyone has a wonderful day today! glad your with us!

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