Monday, November 8, 2010

some extra pictures.

Lilly now rides under the basket from time to time. Not really sure why i let her except that she is quiet as a mouse under there and it's funny to see peoples faces when they realize there is a kid under there.
helping daddy clean his truck. she is awesome on wheels. We may get her a job at the one down the street. hehe..
my crafty little girls.

Lilly spits out the peeling. you can see behind her is a paper towel with random chunks of apple on it.
believe it or not this is lilly dancing. She spins her arms around in circles and makes this face with her eyes closed. i totally admit to being a " white girl" dancer but I don't think she got that from me.

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Anonymous said...

Lilly under the cart is too cute. Emma use to do that too, until the store lady yelled at me. She said it was too dangerous and that she could get hurt. Yeah whatever LOL Emma also spits out the peel of her apples. It drives me crazy. Oh and Lilly's dancing hhmmm, you might want to get her into lessons hahahaha! I love the face!