Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yardsaling this am

Today i got up and snuck out without lilly or allan. It was fun. My friend holly met up with me and we hit up all the garages around town. I don't buy alot of junky stuff though. I can spend like 10 bucks the whole day whereas i have another friend who buys something at every stop.. lol. Anyway the big prize of the day was lilly's little playschool slide. It had sorta seen better days but it was a couple dollars so i got it. Allan taught her how to go up the steps and sit downa nd then slide. She loved it. She slid down it i think 27 times while i was out there. Everytime she would clap and hollar for herself. lol.

Anyway we were busy most of the day doing work around here and allan helped the neighbor lady try to get in a new screen door but i think she bought the wrong one so she had to take it back after they tried everything they could. Tomorrow we have to get ready for the week. Lots of laundry to do and some more chores around here. I think we are suppose to be having lunch with some friends. I haven't heard definetly yet but i will find out tonight. Then I am going to hit up the bingo hall again with my friend for sunday night bingo! lol.

This week is busy too. I have to take a cpr class at the hospital on monday, tuesday our truck is getting worked on and i have a doc apt., i'm not even sure what is on wed or thrusday i haven't been able to look that far ahead yet. HAHa. I know i gotta get some of the clothes i bought for emma washed and ready to wear because she will be here next thursday. YEAH!! Plus her bedding needs to be washed. No one ever sleeps in there but it should be put thru the washer anyway cause lilly climbs on it from time to time.

Anyway We are off to the fights tonight. Mom is watching lilly tonight so we are going to the fights at the fairgrounds. We know a guy that if he wins he gets to be a pro fighter if not i guess he doesn't go pro so we are going to see him i guess. Anyway i gotta go get ready. HOpe everyone has a good rest of the weekend and a nice week too!

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