Saturday, May 23, 2009

So it continues..

Yep second dyson i got was the dyson 14. It isn't a ball one just a regular one with enough suction to get up anything really. However, as i was trying it out it kept yelling at me. I mean it sounded like i sucked up something over and over. I would check the brushes to see if anything was in there even though i dind't see how i could of sucked something up. Well allan came home and i made him vaccuum to see if it did it. Well it didn't but as soon as i took a turn it started again and he heard it so he looked it over and basically said this one wasn't built right. What are the chances??? So my plan today is to take it back to target at some point. I may be giving up on the dysons. There is the bigger ball one that i might try but if something is wrong with it.. well three strikes your out dyson!

I hauled a bunch of lilly's old stuff down to our neighbors house who was having a yard sale. aaron brought some things and so did mom i think we made 100 bucks all together. Not bad for not even planning on doing that. lol.


I took lilly to walmart with me and i have to say she looked really cute. She had on her new shiny sandals and capri pants and her little hair was in a pony tail. She was so funny cause she didn't want to stay in the basket. She likes to walk around the store now. She doesn't however like to hold your hand while doing it. She thinks she is big. Well everyone and i do mean everyone was watching her wherever she went and half of them would make some comment about how cute she was. WEll i looked over and this walmart working was blowing kisses at her. Which is fine but a little odd. I had never seen someone blow kisses at my child that wasn't directly related to her and usually lilly is very shy and will run over and hide behind my legs or something. Not today.. apparently lilly started it. She had been blowing kisses at this lady. I was so suprised. My shy little girl was breaking out of her box. She proceeded to wave hello at a little boy in a cart and then blow him kisses and tried to talk to him. Anyway its amazing how much she is growing and maturing over the last few weeks. I can't wait to see how much she changes while emma is here. That will be interesting.

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