Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer has started at our house!

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i passed! I figured out my grade again in pharm too and much to my suprise i got an A in there not a b. I have a 92% for that class and for process i got a B. There was only 1 A in the whole class and only 10 B's so i'm proud! lol. We also had 23 c's and 6 people that failed the class and don't get to go on. I'm sad because there are some really awesome people that aren't going to be graduating with us in the end. However i know a couple of them are reapplying for next year so hopefully they will get in and do better their second time around. We started the class with 64 students. We were down to 48 before the final and i think we are down to 42 now. however we have lost more than 22 because we gained about 3 or 4 LPN's in their place. so outta the first 64 i think we are down to 38ish maybe? the last class graduated with 33 total students. I think we may be on track to do the same thing. However for now i'm so excited! Bring on summer!!

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