Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm loving this weather finally!

Today is in the 70's and tomorrow is suppose to be 81 and monday is suppose to be 87! can you even believe it? Okay i know many of you that read this are in parts of the country where it has been that hot for a long time but remember i'm in wyoming home of the blizzard capital of the world. Okay not really but it feels like that after a million months of winter. I'm wearing shorts and a t shirt today! It's awesome. We are having friends over tonight for a barbque,fire,and maybe some beer pong to remind us of college days. lol. Oh yeah i'm in college still. Anyway we are going to celebrate being done with classes. Alot of the girls that went to get their LPN didn't get back till last night and allan wasn't home till last night from houston. So we are celebrating being done with our first year tonight! I'll post pictures of the fun tomorrow or sometime. I think allan is going to try to go golf tomorrow or something. His back has been hurting him since he got back from texas though. I think it was too much sitting in the class room and on the planes. A little relaxing is probably just what he needs.
Anyway i gotta run to the store to get stuff for the hamburgers. Oh here are some pictures of the cabinets. The are finally done except for one whole that allan has to fix. The wire to my light goes up above the cabinets and it is exposed right now so that has to get fixed soon but for the most part they are done!


Jennifer said...

The cabinets look really good!

thekeyes said...

thanks it took time and patience.. lol