Saturday, May 9, 2009

well it's day 108978327482 of studying for finals.

I'll be so glad when i have somethin other to write about besides finals coming up. We have been studying like every night and i'm seriously wondering about how much my brain can actually retain. I mean i can't absorb so much info.. lol. I'm sick of tlaking about gastro, and muscoskeletal, and respiratory, and blahbblabhlajb. lol. Allan leaves tomorrow for houston for 5 days. I'm hoping he has a good trip and ocmes back to a wife that has it more pulled together and one who is on summer break. Everyone else is doing good around here too. Lilly is her usual playful self. We went garage sale shopping this morning and she got lots of little toys to play with. She is very happy with her new tent that folds up. she likes crawling in and out of it a million times.

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