Friday, May 8, 2009

This cartoon expresses how i'm feeling. lol

A night berfore the final exam Pictures, Images and Photos4 days before final exam Pictures, Images and Photos
THis little guy could be me totally. I feel like if i have to study for one more thing i might freak out. or like i'm in a daze of big medical words just spinning and spinning. Today is our last test for one class but we still have afinal for that class on tuesday and a pharmacology final on monday. So say a little prayer for me this morning. The better i do on this test the less stressed i'll have to be on the final. Hope everyone is having a good friday! 2 more class days and i'll be on summer break. It didn't feel like it would ever get here. If the weather would catch up we would be doing good!

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Jennifer said...

Good luck with you tests! Almost thru it and then you will have a nice break from school :)