Friday, May 8, 2009

and i did horrible!!!

1 day before final exam Pictures, Images and PhotosOkay i don't get it. I have never failed a test. Never!!! well until this morning. you have to have a 75% to pass a test in nursing and i made a 72 which means i failed it this morning. The part i don't get is the tests that i half study for i have always made in the b's and even a couple a's. I studied for this test way more than all the others.. so what happened? did i over study? can you over study? I'm still passing the class but i have to do well on the final now. So we are all getting together and studying some more tonight for our finals. i'll be so glad when this is all done and over! In my defense alot of people said this was the hardest test. i agreed!the rest of my study group got 3 78's and a 62. so could of been worse i guess but i could of been at an 78 with the rest of them. lol. Oh well i'm going to keep moving forward. pray for me this weekend for my finals on monday and tuesday. I may end up needing the prayers.!!
have a great weekend!

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