Thursday, May 21, 2009

If its not one thing it's another.. lol

Today i woke up in a semi good mood.. (it was early) and then everything went to poop. lol. I did the dishes from last night that i never got to and then when i was letting the water drain out well everything started coming back up on the other side of the sink. Not to be discouraged i ran the disposal to see if that would help. Oh buddy did it. The water that stunk awfully and was filled with all kinds of germy nasty old wet food started coming up into the bathroom sink. Perfect. I thought oh no what do i do. So i got the plunger! no help when i noticed the water was finally going down I was so relieved. I decided to give it a fw minutes and call allan and tell him. Well while i was talking to him i heard something start dripping. Yes all the water had drained from all the sinks and was in the dishwasher and it was dripping out to the floor. can you believe this? So allan told me no plumber that he would come home and fix it at lunch to leave it alone. Okay.. so i decided i would stay out of the kitchen and i would just go vaccuum the living room. Well i was doing the rug and sure enough the stupid machine starts smoking! i was on my way to crying a river or punching the wall when i talked to allan. I think he felt so bad for me that he decided to go ahead and call the plumber ( drain cleaner) and then he told me to go buy a new vaccuum. So allan really wants me to stop buying the cheap vaccuums that last about a year if that and he wants me to get a dyson. Does anyone know anything about them? Anyone have one? They are i think at cheapest 400.00 bucks. I can't justify this because i have hardwood so i only need the thing for 3 rugs but allan says we are going to put carpet downstairs so we will need it down there. What's the verdict? are they worth the money?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my I would have been in tears!!! Hope it all got fixed ok! I am determined to get a dyson. My sister's boyfriend's mom has one. It looks like you just shampooed the carpet after you use it. It might be hard on throw rugs tho cause the suction is so strong, but if you carpet downstairs I think it would be worth it.