Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It doesn't slow down around here..

Today i was determined to make all the appointments i needed to make. So i started calling at 8 am. I don't think i had made all of them till about 3pm. lol. I wanted to schedule spa days for me and my mom because my sweet husband bought both of us gift certificates for mothers day. They are still good till august but i think it would be harder to do when emma gets here so i wanted to go do that soon. WE both got in on friday one right after the other so the other one can watch lilly.
I also had to make my girly appointment for my annual exam.. yucko. probably too much info too but every girl has to do it so whatever.. lol. I got in with them right away too. (i'm sure you can tell i'm excited about that. lol i wish once they would just say" oh you don't need to come in we know your fine.. " not going to happen huh.
I also had to find out when allan scheduled our truck to go in to a balance and alignment job. It's a little shaky at higher speeds so we thought we would take it in and get that fixed so it doesn't wear down our tires unevenly. Those stupid tires are 200 a piece i think so we really don't want to have to replace those if we can help it.
I also had to call the passport people and find out what we needed to do to get our passports. We found out. It costs a 100 bucks a piece and you have to bring id's and brith certificates and photos with you. So we will have to go do that soon. We also have to go down to the court house to put the house in both of our names. We originally just had it in allan's but some things have changed so we are going to put it in both of our names. So we have to get that done soon too.
oh and allan just informed me that he took pictures of his wine rack and wants me to post them soo.. here they are


Anonymous said...

You are just all kinds of busy!
Are you guys going somewhere?? (passports)

thekeyes said...

we might.. we don't really have set plans but you just never know. lol. We have talked about vacationing to thailand and allan has talked about working for companies overseas. The might have a schedule for a month on month off so we are just being proactive i guess. lol

Anonymous said...

I understand that. I have been looking into getting my passport as well as one for Emma. I just can't get Emma's without Allan. Someday I want to go to Ireland. That and now you have to have a passport to go to Mexico. I very rarely go there but sometimes when I am at my mom's she goes and wants us to come with.