Monday, May 25, 2009

What a fun and busy weekend.

We ended up doing so much stuff this weekend. WE had a little yardsale at the neighbors, the boys worked in the yard and in the basement. They got so much done. I was really suprised. Allan almost finished his wine cellar that he wanted. It looks good. He put in a pull string light and a thermometer that also tells you the humidity. He made is own wine racks which turned out nice too. I think he can store about 40 bottles in there reasonably. So it's not huge but it's nice.
We also went and barbqued with muffy and jason. They have Jordan that is about 4 months older than lilly. Those two girls had so much fun. Lilly got shoved twice and Jordan got spanked for being a bully but they were really fun to watch. I think we may end up planning a weekend trip to vegas in sept with about 4 other couples we know. We looked at tickets and hotel and it really didn't look to bad. I would love to go see some shows. I think they are going to see cher which really isn't the show i had in mind but it's Vegas so i'm sure i can find something to watch. LOl. Anyway that night we watched the UFC fight with them and had a lot of fun just our two families.
The next day the invited us back over for another barbque with more people and a poker game. It was fun too. I lost miserably at poker but allan split a game so we ended up not really losing anything and played for fun most of the night. I think we came home at midnight. Lilly stayed with her grandma that night. She was funny casue she came with us to the barbque but i ran her home after we were done eating. She saw her LALA or "YAYA" as she says.. and started squealing so loud. She ran up and hugged her like she hadn't seen her in a year. It was funny. She has been really sweet with all her kisses and she comes and hugs everyones knees just randomly. She is in this stage where she runs everywhere. I mean her little legs just go go go. It's cute to watch . I find myself giggling at her alot. I love watching her with other kids. She doesn't seem to notice when she gets bullied. She doesn't even cry she just looks at me like.. "what's wrong with this kid mom?" She will stand up for herself. I saw her more than twice tugging at a toy jordan was trying to pull away from her. She didn't hit her or push her but she wasn't just going to give in and let her have the toy either. I was proud actually. No violence yet just determination not to lose. haha.
Today we worked around the hosue most of the day. We went out for breakfast and then again for dinner. I was going to cook something but after working around the house, watching lilly, and doing som major grocery shopping i was worn out. So the whole family went out to eat at Outback. It was really yummy too. I just love there salads. I think it's the cucumbers they put in there. I love the way they chop them and put them in the salad. I had a steak and it was good too. Thereare pictures of our weekend on the photosite. Hope everyone had just as good a weekend that we had and have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Outback is were my sister and I took Em to dinner thursday night. It was really yummy!