Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Us nursing students on our last clinical day

today was my last clinical day till this fall semester when i enter my last year and learn IV stuff. I'm really excited. I still have my finals on monday and tuesday oh and another test on this friday but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have no idea where i'm finding time to do much of anything else.. oh that's right i should be studying. I plan on studying like a mad woman this week and weekend. I guess i'm not feeling so stressed because i figured out my grades and i really need to only get like 30 to 40 questions right on the final. Even on my worst day i have never made below a 78 on a test. So I'm feeling pretty confident. Not that i won't be studying though. lol.
My husband paid me a compliment yesterday. He said" wow honey you sound smart!" lol I thought that was cute. I had no idea i sounded smart. I really don't feel like i have learned that much but i guess i can carry on a conversation about medical stuff now from a beginners level anyway.
Anyway lilly just woke up from a nap so i gotta run

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