Friday, May 22, 2009

Not that impressed..

So unfortunatly i googled reviews for the dyson before i went to buy one yesterday. It was an impulse buy for me but allan has known for months that he has wanted one. So i saw they had great reviews and off to the store i went. I assumed that i would just pick one out when i got there. Well i did. I went with a smaller one because i thought it would be better for hauling back and forth from upstairs to downstairs. So i took my new expensive vaccuum home and unpacked it. Allan came in from work right when i was going to try it out. Well he watched me vaccuum and we had a cheap bagless vaccuum before. I have to say that my cheap vaccuum picked up more. Allan thought i was just not happy with having to buy the one he liked i think. So i decided to read the individual reviews on each specific vaccuum. Come to find out the one i picked apparently is the only dyson that stinks. lol.. go firgure. It has half the suction because it is smaller but dyson is known for it's suction. It cost the same as it's big brother so guess what i'm doing today? Off to the store again to trade it in. Glad i kept the reciept. I had a feeling i might need it.

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