Sunday, July 26, 2009

A wrap up of the last few days.

On friday emma got invited to 2 birthday's. clara next door turned 6 a while back but her mom threw her a party this summer. We got her a present. It was a tattoo set. I thought clara woul have fun playing with that but i didn't think emma would go over and they would open it immediately and bot be covered in tattoos. There were something like 400 tattoos in it. i think half were on them lol..

We ended up going to jacob and j.d.'s birthday party. Jd was turning 3. This little boy loves lilly. He calls her " my lilly" and says he is going to marry her someday. I thought it was cute till at one point he was holding lilly down kissing her on the head. Boy was she telling him though. She was screaming her little head of at him and gonna smack him right on the nose.. lol. This is jd.

So before we went over to this party i was teasing emma about going over to her boyfriends.. well she let me know that she only had one boyfriend and it was "the big one" she was talking about jacob the 10 year old. lol.. I asked her if he knew that she was his girlfriend ( and she had this little sly grin on her face) when she said " I'm gonna tell him!" Well just like lilly wants nothing to do with little JD, Jacob wants nothing to do with emma. I suppose there is quite a difference in 10 and 6 lol.. Here are some pictures of emma and of jacob

So we had a wonderful time at jd's party and ended up staying till about 11pm.

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