Sunday, July 26, 2009

Emma lost her first tooth..

While we were at jds party emma's tooth became so loose. It has been loose since she got here which is over a month ago so it was time that it came out. It became so loose she could put her finger inbetween her two botom teeth and she could wiggle it with her tongue but she couldn't really keep it from flopping around because it was hanging on by a string. She had begged me earlier to tie a string to it and close the door. Well during this business i have found out that teeth apparently gross me out. lol. i never knew this but the thought of pulling it made me queasy. haha. Now i can scrub some teeth and i can pull out old people's dentures and hold them and clean them but something about little emma's tooth just gave me chills.. lol.. maybe cause it was a real tooth..? i don't know.So while we were at the party it got so loose all she could do was worry about it and hold her mouth. So my dear friend tasha said come here i'll pull it and first emma said no way but then tasha said you won't even feel it so emma decided to do it i guess. it was like a split second and it was out. emma didn't even feel it i think. So the tooth fairy had to visit our house. Emma had questions about it. YOu know me.. i made up some whooper story about a blue light that shines up into the sky so the tooth fairy knows which houses have the good teeth and oh it just went on and on lol. So emma did her part and put the tooth under there. I'm telling you this tiny tooth in a plastic bag grossed me out so allan had to go leave the money for her. We wrote her a note from the tooth fairy that said it was an excellent tooth and she needed to keep brushing so that she could have more teeth like this. That tooth fairy must be rich cause it left her 5 bucks.. lol i think i got quaters and maybe some dollars when i was a kid. actually i'm pretty sure i got whatever my parents had in their wallets lol so sometimes i made bank and sometimes it was a quarter.

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