Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well we made it thru the night..

Yesterday after i psted aobut how sick everyone was.. well it got worse. I ended up having to take allan to the emergency room cause he started passing out. We were there for a bout an hour or two and then emma had to come in and get admitted to. Not admitted to the hospital just the ER. Emma passed out while she was at the hospital. It was so weird watching her talk about being dizzy while holding my hand and then she just kept sinking lower and lower until i was holding her head up off the floor. Allan started vomitting blood while we were there. He had ripped his esophagus but it heals by itself as long as it stops bleeding and it did stop once they got him hooked up to an iv and gave him some nausea med's. They also had to give him some morphine for the pain. That pretty much knocked him out. After emma fainted too they got her hooked up to an iv also. I was really impressed she did a super job for only being 6 and getting an iv for the first time. She didn't even cry when the nurse put it in. She did scream and cry when the nurse took it out. I swear the tape off an iv is worse than the iv itself. ouch.. her poor little arm is pretty hairless now in that spot. We were there till 9 something. I think we went in at 2 or 3ish. Emma came in about 5ish i think. They eventually had enough fluids in them to come home. Emma had to pee in the cup before she could leave. They said both of their white blood cells were threw the roof fighting off an infection and they both had really high pulses which goes along with the dehydration. ..Now i was told to make sure they got checked for swine flu.. We didn't check this because swine flu is a respiratory issue not a stomach issue. So i just want to make sure everyone knows these poor kids did not and do not have swine flu! Lilly is still doing really well. I haven't gotten it at all and i'm praying that i don't. It was a horrible bug. I haven't seen anything like this and we got the stomach flu last year. Anyway so today Emma is doing tons better and Allan is recovering a little slwower but he is doing alot better today too. I have to get allan's prescriptions filled today. We also have to get packing for alabama. Liz is bringing over some dinner for us tonight. Thank you so much liz that really helps! Thank you tasha for being a great friend and helping us out with emma and everything else! We really appreciate people checking on us and helping in whatever way they could. ;-) Anyway this is one tired mama and i have tons to do still so i better sign off of here. I'll post a couple of pictures in a minute though. I'm waiting for them to get off my phone and onto the computer.

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