Friday, July 31, 2009

i just haven't had the time..

It's been busy busy since emma left. I kept putting things off while she was here and well now they are stacked up good. lol I have tons of school work i need to get done and we are having a yardsale this weekend. People are putting stuff in the sale so this is my garage at teh moment..
We went out and finally shot allan's gun that he got months ago. he tells me that it is not a gun.. it's a rifle. anyway we all rode out there before emma left. the girls watched out the back window while daddy shot. too oud and dangerous out there to get outta the car. i thought they were cute. Lilly squealed everytime she heard it go off.

We had a real relaxing night of fun the last night emma was here. Those little girls were wrastling. lol yeah i said wrastlin..They really had a good time with each other while she was here.

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