Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm telling you what!

Today has been one of those days. We have gotten nothing done today. I have laundry that is trying really hard to do itself but it just can't seem to get done without me. lol. I have dishes in the sink that are trying the same thing. I have to kids that are bored out of their minds i think. We did get in a good nap. We have arranged for a babysitter to come tonight at 6pm to watch the kidos cause allan and I need some time to talk and discuss things. He is contemplating a job offer. If he stays with this company he has to buy a couple of pricey tickets that he does get reimbursed for but why buy them if he is changing jobs? right.. What else. Oh daycare, I went and looked at a couple more daycares today. It was just really scary and a little depressing. I want lilly to be around other kids cause i think she needs the interaction but trying to trust someone to give her love is hard. Especially when it's their job not because they know her and love her. We have been blessed to have my mom watching her last year. However mom is starting her own job and does need to find herself so we need to arrange for other care. I'm in the middle of nursing school though and i can't exactly quit right now. I keep telling myself if i can just get thru this next year it will be down hill.. lol. It feels like i'm fighting an uphill battle right now though. So keep us in your prayers about allan's jobs and finding the right place for lilly. It's a scary thing to go thru. I'm okay with daycares i just want it to be the right one or right person. It's scary to me because she isn't old enough to tell me if someone is mean or does something bad. If she was talking i guess i would be a little better with it. Anyway i have to go do something with these kido's before they climb the walls of this house. Emma wants to play in the rain. It's only sprinkling and lilly just wants some attention. I've had too many random phone calls so she is getting a little aggravated with me now.


Jennifer said...

Keep me posted about Allan and his job so I know what to expect there. I know how you feel about daycare. I had to put Emma in daycare for the first time when she was about 15 months old. It was so hard for me! I really think it is harder on the parents. I literally sat in the parking lot for the first week crying after I would drop her off.

Leslie said...

Oh and by the way... I will totally watch Lilly!