Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My poor baby..

It hasn't slowed down a bit around here since my last post. I have a feeling that our summer is just going to be this way.. NOnstop action. Lets see i think i left off on monday so.. Tuesday morning we got up, Emma had stayed over at our neighbors house. Clara which is their 6 year old was happy to have her bulid forts with her. So i had told her before she went over there that on tuesday morning ( next day) that we had to get up early and take lilly to her doctor apt. I told her that she needed to come home when she got up over at clara's so that she wouldn't stay over there all morning playing. Well i forget that they take everything literally. I woke up at 730am and Emma was sound asleep on our couch. I first thought that maybe she hadn't made it thru the night because she tends to not like staying other places. Last time she tried she only made it till 930pm when both girls ended up on the doorstep crying cause emma wanted to come home. Anyway she had made it thru the night and apparently she had listened to what i said and came home right when she first woke up which was 6am. Clara's mom Erica told me later that she heard clara come in her room and asked her what was going on so early and clara said" nothing .. i just walked emma home." yep the girls walked themselves back at 6am. lol.. good thing we live two steps away i guess. Next time i'll have to have the talk about letting an adult know your leaving or coming. HAHA. Anyway so we got up tuesday and went to our doctor apt that wasn't even till 1015am. Poor lilly got 2 shots but she is done till kindergarten with her shots. Thank goodness!
Lilly wieghed in at a whopping 23 lbs and 6 oz and she is 32 inches tall. This put her in the 80% for height and 30% for weight according to the nurse. The doctor said 75-90 for height and 25-50 for weight.. ?? he is a little more vauge about it. lol
After her apt lilly go tot go to the parade. We only caught about the last 10-20 minutes of it. We stayed long enough for some rude lady to yell at me and after i proceeded to get pissed and yelled back at her and told her to get a cop cause i wasn't moving.. well she sat down and didn't say another word but it ruined my day for a while. I just hate angry women that don't have manners.. anyone else? lol..
So we left the parade and came home and took naps for a bit to help lilly feel better after her shots.
When we got back up it was time to go to the fair again with our firend holly that has the two boys. Jacob is ten and Jd is 2 almost 3. So the girls have a good time with those boys. JD was so cute saying "my lilly" when lilly came in. He tries to flirt and tickle her. Its cute. So off to the fair. We were doing so good. After our thermopolis trip a few weeks ago we weren't really ready to try all thed kids again with just the two of us so holly's ex husband came with. EH helped with all the kids. Jacob and Emma rode alot fo the big kid rides. I was suprised that they would let emma go on some of them but she has no fear. Jacob the 10 year old ws scared to go on some of the ones she wanted to go on. I took pictures of it but they don't really do the ride justice. You would just have to be there to see how brave this kido is. lol.. brave or stupid.. lol there is a fine line. I have a feeling lilly is oging to be just like that too cause she wanted to go on the rides too and i would have to keep draggin her back away from the fences. She loved the carousel though. She did't want to get off of it at all. Anyway just about when we were going to give ourselves a big pat on the back for keeping all these fiesty kids under control.. lilly was standing on the picnic table bench behind me.. well she fell off and it's the first time in her life that i was too distracted to actually catch her. i turned around in time to barely graze and miss catching her. She hit her face hard on the bench and then again on the wheel of her stroller. Her nose started gushing blood and then her mouth started bleeding too. I couldn't tell if it was her teeth or her tongue. People around us went to get ice but it didn't help cause she wouldn't let me hold it on there and she wouldn't let me pinch her nose to try to stop the bleeding. Best i could do was get it tilted up and keep wiping it while she screamed. Her mouth turned out to be her tongue after all. She almost pierced it good thing they heal quickly. So she had a rough day. Oh and we got poured on at the fair so we felt pretty gross anyway. We came home and the girls stayed up till 1130pm. I don't know how either one of them were hanging in there but lilly perked back up and wanted to wrestle with emma apparetnly. Emma kept laughing histeracally at lilly cause lilly would try to just jump full blast on her and lay on her and kick her.
Finally they all went to sleep once i put them in their own beds i didn't hear one peep out of either of them. Lilly woke up twice in the night but i gave her the bottle both times and she went right back to sleep. Someone tell me that their kid has done this too and there is an end to it right?? she is almost 2 and still not sleeping thru the night. it can't go on forever right? she is getting good about just going to sleep when i put her in her bed and not crying for naps. That's a start right?
Today was swim lessons again. Emma went home with her aunt liz after the lessons. I took lilly to a daycare today. I am suppose to leave her there till 3pm but i may go back and get her early. I want her to do well. She of course cried and tried to follow me out of there but she does that usually even in the nursery at church so i'm hoping that she will perk up and have fun after i'm gone. She always does at the church so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. That's how i have so much time to blog right now. haha.. anyway i'm going to go enjoy my time alone with no kids. This doesn't happen too often around here. I"m totally alone in the house. wow!! now if buddah would quite snoring beside me all would be peaceful. haha

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