Monday, July 13, 2009

This always happens..

Why is it before every big trip or nice dinner or fancy night out.. (or whatever the occasion might be) we get sick. Yep saturday night was fight night over and muffy and jason's. It started off fun with a barbque and all. The girls came with us and were having fun playing with jordan. Well about the time that the big fight was about to come on.. Lilly starts puking up red juice all over their house. Took her to the bathroom and she kept puking red on their bathroom rug which happened to be white... oopsie.. they were really nice about it. Jason even cleaned up lilly's puke in the living room. HAHa. So we had to leave and lilly stayed up till 4 am puking her litttle guts up. Sunday she did much better and we were just careful with her giving her lots of fluids and easy stuff to eat. Today Emma has swim lessons. We missed one on friday because we had so much stuff to do and we were just running late. So When she woke up this morning she seemed just fine. After i mentioned swim lessons she started telling me she didnt' feel good. I asked her where she didn't feel good and she said my belly and my neck. So i figured sh ewas faking ot get out of swim classes. She loves it when we are there but getting her to go is like pulling teeth the last couple of times. Anyway so we got ready went and visited my mom and then we were going to drop lilly off at daycare while i took emma to swim lessons. We got to lilly's daycare and emma was still whining about not feeling well.. i was about to tell her to suck it up we are going to swim lessons when she let it all out. Yep threw up everywhere right in the daycares parking lot. So needless to say no one went anywhere. We are all right here at home. Allan told me he was coming home for lunch before we even got home. HE said he was having some stomach issues.. yep he has it too. So now everyone has ahd it but me and i really don't want ot get it. I've been scrubbing my hands like crazy but taking care of all of these sicky's over here is wearing me out. lol. I just want all of them to get better so we can leave to alabama on thrusday and have fun! Lilly is doing much better and she really only had it for 24 hours so hopefully they will get to feeling better too. I gave emma and allan an immodium ad which is totally opposite from what we learn in school but ... they both sounded so bad with it ocming out both ends that i had to do something. So cross your fingers and hope that it just works and that they got enough out before it plugs them up. Keep our family in your prayers please. Thi sure isn't a nice bug.

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