Thursday, July 23, 2009

Allan's birthday..

We were traveling back to casper on allan's birthday so we didn't do much for it on his real birthday so we celebrated yesterday. We got dad a cake since we didn't have time to really make one with all the unpacking and stuff. We also took him to the hole in one competition. He made it on the top ten board but may hvae gotten knocked off later. He was only 2 feet 2 inches away. the top guy was about 4 inches away from the pin. Allan actually hit the pin but it bounced out of area. Then allan and i went to mom's new restaruant. She has a job there. They are all dressed up as flappers. Can you believe my husband has never really heard of flappers?? lol he asked me if that was a common term? haha. anyway here are some pictures from yesterday.

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