Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Lilly report..

So like i said before lilly went to daycare today for the first time. She did cry and tried to hold on to me for dear life when i was leaving. That made me a little nervous but i figured she would snap out of it. Well i left and had 3 whole hours of uninterrupted kidfree adult time. lol. which i wasted aimlessly wondering if i should call or go by and check on her. HAha. Well I waited it out by cleaning and then going to the mall for a bit. I got a pair of jeans which i don't need now but i will when school starts. I also found a pair of white sandals to go with my dress for the wedding. I didn't have any good strappy shoes. So i went to pick her up and got there at exactly 3 on the dot. When i came in my heart just hit the floor because i knew that the crying child was lilly in an instant. Funny how you just know their cry from all others. Well i was hoping that she hadn't just been crying for 3 hours straight but she was crying when i left and then crying when i came back. So she saw me and cried until i picked her up. I asked the nice lady that had watched her if she had been crying the whole time. She reassured me that she did really good and that she had only started crying and it was because she hadn't had a nap all day and they had just came in from outside. She said lilly had loved outside and that they would be sure to take her out there everyday that she came. They said she played and threw rocks everywhere. They told me she didn't bite or hit anyone and that she really was only unhappy for about 10 minutes out of the whole time she was there. SHEWWWW.. what a relief! They said they were really impressed with how well she did because most kids totally freak out their first time. They thought she had liked it and had fun. I don't think she will ever be able to take a nap there. She just wont go to sleep if there is something else to do and she isn't at home. She came home and the poor thing was so tired. I handed her a bottle and she started walking to her room. She has never really walked into her room for a nap. I put her in her crib and haven't heard a peep out of her. My little girl is growing up.. sniff sniff.. she even looks biger today in jean shorts and a hawaiin top.

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