Tuesday, July 14, 2009

just a day of relaxing over here..

We didn't do anything today at all. I mean nothing. I got allan's prescriptions filled and did some laundry and yelled at allan and emma to drink something every five minutes. Emma was fine all day skipping around and wantin to go play with clara and outside.. I just wouldn't let her do anything though. Tonight i let her have lots of popsicles and we watched kid movies together and then i put her hair in sponge rollers. Anything to keep her still and quite and drinking fluids. Allan is feeling much better too. Liz delivered our dinner over here at 4ish and it was a yummy chicken and rice casserole. They have kept everything down so far. I have had mild symptoms today but nothing like what they had so i'm okay so far. WE got three suitcases about 75-80% packed today too so we accomplished alot with everything that is going on. HAha.. It was nice ot have allan home and everyone relaxing. My mom helped in the morning. She stayed the night with us last night just incase i needed to make anyone go back to the hospital or if i got sick or whatever. So she helped this morning so i could go get their vomit pills.. lol. Allan took one dose today but emma never took any. I didn't want to give them to her if she didn't need them. I don't want her clooged up or vomitting so there is a fine line. She is doing great though and i think allan will return to work tomorrow am but only for a day cause we are off to alabama at 6 am on thursday!! woohoo!!

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Jennifer said...

Glad to hear that they are both doing better! Hope you don't get it! I will give Em a call this evening so I can talk to her before you all leave for Alabama.