Monday, July 6, 2009

What a busy busy last few days.

Okay so i'm typing with a hurt finger. I ripped my nail pretty much half way off of my pinky. I was suprised to find out how much i use that little finger. So this post should prove interesting. We have been going nonstop. We celebrated the fourth of july with freinds. We drove to glenrock and bought fireworks to shoot off. We had breakfast at a little diner down there. It was fun. When we got back we hung around the house till it was time to go to the ball park. We had tons of friends down there. We grilled out and played all kinds of games with all the kids. Tehre were tons of little girls for ema to play with but she ketp running up and asking me if "the boy" ws coming. The boy is holly's son jacob. Emma is a tom boy for sure. He is ten but has pretty good patience with her. I guess cause his little brother is only 3. So that was a good time. There are pictures on our photosite of that. Tehn the next day we went to church at liz and nolans church to see carson get dedicated. Allan's family was up for that so we got to visit with them afterward at liz's house where we had a great lunch. Nick and donna were down from north dakota(allan's parents friends) so it was good to put some faces with some names. Nolans family as also down from north dakota. They were very pleasant as normal. After that we went home and let allan mow the yard while the girls and i got naps. Then off to muffy and jason's we went. We had pizza over there. Emma got to see her friend jasmine. We all went to the fair when we were down eating pizza. The fair was tons of fun. It was fun to go with another couple cause we actually got to ride some rides this time. Lilly went on a few. Emma and jasmine snuck on a few that they weren't even suppose to be on.They aren't 48 inches tall. lol. It was a very good time. We stayed out till almost 11 again. Lilly was so out of sorts that she stayed up till ater 1am. It's getting a little ridicoulous so today she is in naptime bootcamp. I have her in her room in the crib with the door shut. I keep hearing her playing in there over the monitor. she has ben quite the last few minutes so i may go check on her. I'm going to start just sticking her in there and closing the door. She can come out when i'm ready i guess. And night time may be the same thing. I"m totally over this never sleeping thing and so is allan. So she can go ahead and feel neglected for the next week or two and get over it!! this mama has came to the end of her rope on that crap! lol Today was Emma's first swimming lesson. She did really good. Maddie and Liz are in the same swimming lessons except for tots. So we saw them at the pool. Maddie looked like she warmed up to it after a while. Emma was of course full blast the whole time. This kid has no fear. She did good at evrything that i saw. Except we need to work on her not holding her nose which is tough.. and watching what the teacher is doing cause she gets distracted by all the other kids. lol. Other than that she kicked and jumped and blew bubbles when she was suppose to. Her are a few pictures from the last few days but there are tons on our photosite

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The Mason Bunch said...

Yay Emma! Great job on the swimming lessons. Now, you and Katie can swim and swim all day at Aunt June's. Katie loves to jump off the diving board. Can't wait to see ya'll.