Monday, September 26, 2011

Where's daddy waldo..

That's how it has been since allan left on saturday morning. We have been hitting and missing each other with skype calls. He has emailed though and he is now safe on his rig off the west african coast. He got there this morning. That's some traveling huh? He left sat morning at 7 am and got to the rig on monday morning sometime. Last night he ws in a hotel. It was a hilton somewhere in equatorial guinea. I think the city is Malabo. Anyway he is on the rig now and they are towing out to where they are going to drill and he said he will be working days for a bit then he is going to switch to nights. He has actually emailed me 6 times so i don't feel disconnected that bad. He tried skyping a few times but like i said we kept missing each other but just because we both weren't sitting down at the computer at the same time. He did try calling last night while he was at the hotel too. So i feel pretty in touch still. Its hard to figure out how to talk with an 8 hour time difference. I have to count it out each time to think about what time it is there. LOL. Its 630am here and so it's 230 pm there. Just a little adjustment to get use to .
Ask me why i'm up?? BEcause this baby wont let me sleep. Okay its way to early to feel it kick or anything like that but i'm still blaming this kid. I can't seem to get comfortable at all. Also i get up at least 2 -3 times a night to go pee. What in the world am i going to do when this kid is big and pressing on my bladder.. I keep getting up super early no matter what time i go to bed. Its not really anything in particular waking me up just a general uncomfortableness. Has anyone had a 4d ultrasound. I guess they show it in 3d pictures and show it moving in realtime.. something like that? I think my obgyn offers this. I just wondered if it was really neat or what. We had 3d pictures of lilly whne she was in there and YOu could see her alot better. She was sucking her thumb and you could make out everything. So I just wondered. Anyway I have to go get emma up soon for school. She stayed the night last night so I have to drive her to school this morning. The girls had alot of fun playing. THey mostly fight these days it seems like to me but Emma keeps asking to stay more nights and Lilly begs to see emma and give her the biggest hug when she does see her. I guess they fight but they are still sisters in the end. LOL.

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