Friday, September 16, 2011

jimminie cricket..

I'm pooped! Yep. I went to work yesterday by 6 am which means i got up at 4am left the house by 5. Then half way thru the day a nurse called in sick. WEll they tried for the next few hours to find another nurse to come in.. didn't happpen. I ended up having to stay till 10pm which means i didn't get home till 11. OH and the real kick in the pants.. I"m going in today at 8 which means i'm up now. This might not be that bad if i was my perkier self but I gagged on my toothpaste this morning ( pregnancy symptoms) I'm super tired like i need a nap everyday, and I went to bed with my hair wet which always makes me have a runny nose in the morning. So I'm blowing my nose a million times, trying not to gag, thinking that i have to get somethign in my belly or it is not going to be a pretty ride to work, and wondering how i'm going to get thru today and all the way to picking up allan at the airport tonight at 930pm which makes me not get back home and in bed till at least 11 again tonight. Okay that was my whining for today. ;-(
I am super excited to get allan home tonight. I miss my sweet husband. He has a date to leave for his new job now. Did i mention this yet? I can't remember. Anyway he leaves on the 23rd. Which gives us basically this weekend only to hang out and celebrate being pregnant. he will only be gone for 3 weeks though and then home for 3, so it will be okay just a little nerveracking going into the unknown. Isn't it always scary when you don't know what is going on really. alright well i'm sure this post is very random and ridiculous but that is my mood this morning. sorry.. take it or leave it. lol.

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