Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend in Review

Saturday was spent just relaxing. Emma was over and allan got back from his trip to houston. He got in late on friday cause his plane was delayed. We didn't get home till almost midnight. BLAH.. I had worked all day so I was a little tired. So yes saturday was spent with the kido's and relaxing. We went to denny's for breakfast. I may have posted that the other day I thought a slim jim looked like a tasty morsel for breakfast.. Anyway, I stayed away and fought the urge for that slim jim breakfast but when we went to dennys I gave in to the cravings. I ordered the breakfast sandwich which was delicious but the idea of hasbrowns sickened me and the idea of seasoned fries sounded way better. The waitress looked at me a bit suprised but brought me my seasoned fries. lol. Today i gave in to thai food. I'm thinking i'm craving spicy stuff.
Sunday we had a bbq. Lets see, john and serrah came with two little girls for emma and lilly to play with that's 4, plus anna and jeff brought their boy, 3 and sean and cynthia came 2, joelle, aaron, mom, me allan emma and lilly. oh and one more single guy named aaron came. so 8 so the total is 17 people. WE had chicken, brats, hotdogs, buffalo chicken dip( thanks mirya) beans, a huge fruit tray. It was fine. I think the troops went thru about 7 bottles of wine. lol. Everyone was celebrating my pregnancy and allan's new job. Allan leaves saturday for south africa! yikes!!
Today, I went to the VA hospital. I heard that because i am a female veteran they can't deny me "female care" So if i got enrolled they would end up paying for my pregnancy. I hav enever even tried to use the health care benefits. I know there is a ton of fraud in it and well I've always considered myself lucky for not being disabled or hurt from my time in the military, so i have never even tried to get anything from them. But With allan starting a new job and not knowing if he is going to love it and keep it and not wanting to count on my own insurance because i may not be able to work that much... i thought it was worth a shot of seeing if i qualified. So off i went. I didn't stand in line like i thought i would have to. I took a number and was called up in about 5 minutes. The man was nice enough and asked me what i needed. I told him i wanted to enroll. He asked for my dd214. I provided it. He asked me other random and strange questions then asked me how much i made last year. I told him hardly nothing because i was in school and then didn't work. he went on typing.. Anyway something else came up and he told me i wasn't qualified. I decided to put on my big girl panties and tell him why i thought i did. I did not settle for a no. He caleld over his manager and i proceded to tell him that i was a combat veteran and did two deployments and I was told that they could not refuse giving me " female care".. he said that i was right but only if i qualified. He then looked over the papers, decided that i had some expeditionary ribbon that meant i was in " the war zone" or whatever and i would qualify. So... after telling them thank you for basically letting me chew them out and then seeing things my way.. I got enrolled and now have an apt for thursday to offically find out i'm pregnant. I do not want to have my baby at the VA hospital so if they tell me that's the only opition then we will figure something else out.
So here is why that's exciting news though.. My friend anna had her baby this way. She still got to pick out her doctor as long as they took VA payments. So she got the doctor she wanted, the hospital she wanted and ended up paying 57 bucks for the food she ate while she was in there. That's all. I think that just for her husbands food actually. I don't know. but that's awesome right? Also they have a nurse call and check on you every month and they ask you if you want a breast pump. They pay for a 400 dollar pump. I know some people may have mixed feelings about this post like i'm cheating the government or whatever but I don't feel that way and won't publish any negative comments about that. I served for 8 years, I could have had babies while i was in but didn't. If i did they would have been completely paid for. There is a reason congress inacted this law that they have to treat female vets, so I'm using it. I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but i honestly don't care. I was very healthy, didn't claim any service related injuries at all, always submitted to the navy's authority over my life, and i did do two deployments after 9/11/11.. so I'm using their healthcare and that's all there is to it, as long as i qualify.
So after that we went downtown and i ate medium hot thai food. which made me drink alot of water but i food it very delicious. Joelle ( sister) is tinking about moving back to ky so i'm trying to show her some things while she is here.
this post is long enough and I'm feeling pretty tired already these days. I'm waiting to start feeling peepy and normal. Right now I feel like i could always use a afternoon nap. so i'm indulging myself. nighty night.

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Anonymous said...

I say if it is covered then go for it! I think if you served then your benefits should carry over anyways. I get so pissed when my grandpa can't get things covered. I did not realize you did 8 years. For some reason I was thinking you only did one enlistment. Anywho, I hope it all works out and you are able to get what you want!