Friday, September 30, 2011

well i went to the doctor today. it was a waste of time. let me tell you how it went. here are the highlights. My apt time was 9 am. i got there at 845. there was maybe two other ladies in there. at 9ish one lady that was very pregnant got up and went to the front desk and said she thought they may have forgotten her. they apologized and said she should have been taken back by now and two minutes later she was taken back. by around 930 i was feeling like they forgot me cause about 5 more couples or ladies had came in a snd went back but i was the only one still sitting out there. im not sure what time they actually took me back but they finally did. now i went to the va last week and they confirmed my pregnancy and did a ton of labs. i made sure this office had gotten those labs. well the first thing they asked me to do was pee in a cup and i just couldnt. i had already went three times at home and was empty cause the va said they couldnt do routine labs there in the office so i wasnt expecting to have to provide anything. so i came out told them i couldnt go she said i would need to before i left. so then i went in the room a girl came in and asked me about 10 questions and said she would be right back. i was begining to feel forgotten about when she finally returned asked about 5 more questions then told me to undress and gown up.. then i waited not so comfortably in those tiny paper gowns on an uncomfortable table and it took ten years again when the same ding dong girl came in and said she was real sorry but she needed me to get dressed and go pee before the doctor could or would see me. apparently they have to have a positive test in their office. so i was so annoyed at this point and i got dressed went out there where another too cheery brat girl said n all ready to pee?" well after i nearly killed her with my icy death stare and all but hurled out "no! i still cant pee how about a drink?" so they scrambled and got me some water and i drank some then they finally got what they needed. then they sent me back in the room to gown up agaian. the doctor was forever busy but finally showed up. the basics of it are i didnt get anything done, i did not see my lab results the doctor didnt even know they had been sent over but she said she looked at them when she left the room and came back and that my blood levels are fine. not really sure what that means exactly but i was too annoyed to talk to her much longer. she felt my uterus said it wasnt too enlarged and she thinks im probably y and a half weeks. so she scheduled an ultrasound for next friday. on a different note allan called me today. it was very good to hear from him. he is hanging in there keep him in your prayers. keep me in your prayers too my hormones may get the best of me right now. im either sad or mad right now.. lol. or tired mostly always tired. im tired of being tired. and grumpy

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