Saturday, September 3, 2011

Off to work again. Crazy tired this morning. Not that I have all that much traffic during the workweek cause I leave at 5am but today there is NO traffic. So my sister got a job. She is working at a big wine store called bevmo. She had her first day yesterday and all went well. She seemed a bit more cheery. I think its a step in the right direction. She also went and found out about a dental assistant program that she is thinking about starting in the spring. They had one starting in oct but she doesn't have any transportation yet. Its 5 days a week and I can't commit to taking her everyday. So she is going to save up the next couple of months then buy something to get around. Who is ready for football season? I am!
How random are my thoughts this am. Seriously my brain seems to hop from subject to subject never staying on one thing for very long. Well at least that's what its doing this morning. I'm going to chalk it up to needing sleep.I worked yesterday and today. Tomorrow I have to write a 10 page final for the class I'm taking. Blahh gag gag! Suprisingly enough it feels like getting my bsn took way less time than my associates. I mean it really did take less time but it has flown by. Don't get me wrong I'm really tired of taking the classes but when I think that this is basically the last school semester it feels like it has went fast.
On a different note, I have my first trach patient at work. My friend niki has worked there 15 months and she has never had to take care of a person with a trach yet. I have to say that its something that is very intimidating when u haven't worked with them at all. The pt is a very sweet thing. Probably the best pt for me to learn on. I learned the stuff in nursing school but I only practiced on a dummy in lab. We suctioned them and cleaned them etc but its so different with a real human that can cough gag and breath. I first went in the room with the dr and speech therapist. Who all in all just said a bunch of big words and then freaked me out because they were talking about some part that if inflated would kill the patient in 3 minutes. Umm pretty sure I didn't hear about that in school so umm excuse me but can I see that part again so I know what not to tough.. lol oh the adventures of being a new nurse. Lucky for me I have a pretty experienced boss or two and they came that afternoon and saw that I was a little unsure of what to do with the care of this thing so they busted out a full on hands on lesson and now I feel comfortable. They are pretty simple but but still there's something about fake airways that gives me a chill. I guess its a good thing. Can't be too careful.
So on that note its time for me to get to work. Have a great day!

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