Tuesday, September 6, 2011

cooling off

Today it's down to low 100's which is feeling good. I finished my finals in my community nursing class. I'm just waiting for the grade to come out. I think I might get a B which i'm fine with. I had a 98% going into the final but I really just could not get motivated to write a huge long final so I kinda just wrote a bunch of crap down and sent it in. LOL. So I'm guessing my grade may go down to a B.
Allan is taking Emma to school right now. I guess we are going to pick her back up this afternoon and have her one more night. We want to play hookey from school tomorrow and go to fossil creek but once again I'm not sure if we will have time to do this or not. We will see. Allan should be finding out some things about his new job today hopefully if not tomorrow. We are kinda just on hold it seems. I'm working thursday and Saturday. Joelle is here and she got a job. I'm not even sure if i mentioned this before.. lol. Our life is just a whirlwind right now. My sister is staying with us for a while. She got a little job already but she wants to find a different one. She took the first one she was offered even though it's not what she wants. She can understand the importance of having an income. So she is working at BEVMO. Its a big huge wine store. She only wanted part time so she would have time to look for a different job but they keep giving her like 33 hours instead of 20ish. lol. I think she is going to go try and find a waitressing job. She likes making tips and thinks she will make a lot more doing that. I'm thinking that is probably true. So I'm going to take her to a couple of places today and see if she can get a job at one of them. WE will see, but at least she has a job in the mean time. sheww..
It's nice having her here. She helps cook, she is quite neat not a slob by any means, she is also on a healthfood kick so that is good for me. ;-) We went on a walk last night and took the girls to the park to play for a bit. Anyway I just really enjoy having her here. Its nice to have someone in the house while allan is gone on night shift or when he is gone with this new job.
Okay well I'm going to get off here and go get some things done today. have a good one!

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