Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEWS!! Baby Keyes on the Way!

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Yes it's true. We are pregnant. I"m excited, allan's excited, lilly's excited well you get the picture everyone is excited. It's very early. I'm probably only 3 1/2weeks. I wasn't actually expecting to get a positive because I thought it was just too early to test. But I took one because I had some symptoms that I though could be related. And sure enough the test that i had laying around from some other random time came back with a faint( very faint positive) So i told allan and he brought home digital ones that read pregnant or not pregnant and i took the one with my first morning tinkle and I had no real thoughts that it would read positive but sure enough it said PREGNANT on it. So I hvae taken two more since then of different brands because well.. i'm crazy paranoid and kinda can't believe it still so they have all came up pregnant so we are announcing it already! WE are pregnant. I'm goign to wait till the end of the week and then call to make my first apt with the obgyn that I like here. Ill be keeping everyone posted on how things are going. Please keep us in your prayers. The first trimester is always the trickiest I think. ;-)

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Nicolle said...

Oh yay! That is wonderful and exciting news. I am so happy for you!!!! :)

Congrats! Will keep you in my prayers.