Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby update

Okay so we may not be paying atention to that tracker on the top of my blog.. Yeah i went to the VA yesterday and it looks like it is all going to work out. They did tellme i can pick my own doctor and that they will pay for it. ( i'm a pessimist so i'm going to keep doubting until i actually see paid bills). But i called my doctor and they do take VA payments. So while i was at the VA they confirmed i was pregnant. I also had a pap, a culture, 7-8 tubes of blood taken, and peed in two cups. Nice huh? lol I think they like to test you for everything if you haven't been there and well i never registered with them and have been out for 4 years now so they had some catching up to do I guess. So everything went fine. They said that everything can be done at my own doctors except routine labs like the glucose tolerance test. So I'll probably have to go back to the va a couple of times for that stuff but everythign else can be done at the doctors. So going back to what i said about not paying attention to that ticker.. The VA doctor would not give me a due date. HE said he couldn't be 100% positive if i was 4 weeks or 8 weeks. He thoguht that my uterus could be enlarged enough to represent 8 weeks and the fact that my tests read very early and that i had breast pain may mean that i'm 8 weeks. He said its very unusual for girls to have breast pain before a missed period. I'm not sure i follow him on that one. I'm thinking it's pretty normal. So anyway we get to find out for sure hopefully on friday this coming week. I go to the regular obgyn and hopefully they will do an ultrasound or at least see if there is a heart beat cause by 8 weeks there should be a heart beat for sure. ;-) I"m sure they will figure it out for me. So that is my baby update. !

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