Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pictures of the kitchen

We've been working on painting in the kitchen and putting in a new sink. Here are some new pics of the work we got done. Ignore the ugly dark paneling above the cabinets. That will be gone in time too.. hehe.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long day!

Allan started putting in our new sink in the kitchen at 9 am and it's now 9pm and we just got done. It's a pretty new sink but a real pain in the you know what. lol.. My husband is an electrician not a plumber that's for sure. I don't blame him at all it's the old plumbing in this house. Well the old everything in this house. YUCKKKK!
Lilly and I went over to nolan and liz's house and had a nice dinner with them and the kids. All the cousins played so well. Jake finally warmed up to me and came and sat in my lap. He is such a cutie pie. Maddie is growing up. She talks alot and i had to get her parents to interpret alot of what she said. It reminded me of Emma. I use to not have a clue what she was saying half the time. LOL. Yes maddie is a little firecracker and the BIG girl on campus. lol.
I'm beat and so is allan so this will be a very short post. I didn't take pictures of the cousins together but liz and nolan took some so hopefully they will post them or email them.
Tomorrow i have a busy day I'm going to school till 11 and then i have to be at the hospital from noon till 5pm to get my ID badge and do some more orientation. Tuesday i start out at the rehab center. Should prove interesting. ;-)Good night you all!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween dress up

Here are some pictures of lilly and buddah in there matching costumes. It is ridiculously hard to get a baby and a dog to stay still for any amount of time so they are the best but you can get the you go.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well to add to my rainy days... our suburban got the side mirror broke in the middle of the night. I'm not sure if a car hit it or if some dumb kids thought it was fun to break things. Anyway, the good news there is that it's only 20 bucks to fix.

Lilly is growing up.. She is waving at people. Not everyone she just waves at my brothers friend and occasionaly at cars that go by. She is into everything. Crawling everywhere. She wants to get into the toilet water and she still loves playing in buddahs water and food.

Allan is out to another rig tonight. All our visitors have left. The cabinets are coming along. They are almost done. I just need to hang the bottom ones back on. Mom is at the doctor getting it all set up so that she can go to the doctor and dentist if she needs to. Aaron is off today and had a lunch dae with his girlfriend, Jasmine. oh and we got the honda's windshield fixed. It is scheduled to go in for the accident repairs the begining of Nov.

So all in all maybe the sun is coming out finally. lol. Everything passes with time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

yeah it's still pouring

Too add to my rainfall of crap.. lilly got stung by a bee today and mom's account got hacked into and it sent out emails to everyone asking for 2500 bucks for some bullcrap. It seems to never end right now. Oh and i got into a pissing match with a nurse that works at community health center. She was so rude to me and in the long run couldn't answer my questions anyway. Eventually she called me back and apologized for "all this". WHATEVER!!!! Oh and the rig allan is working on was suppose to be a quick fix but the whole rig is down so he won't be home tonight unless it's really late. Yeah..not.
arrggg can you tell i'm a little peeved at the moment. lol. I'm hoping to go to bingo tonight with some friends and forget this day. Not sure that is going to happen though

when it rains it pours right?

Doesn't it always seem like bad things come in three or when it rains it pours? Lol.. I'm sure those are superstitions but they seem pretty acurate sometimes. Aaron has been driving our honda and he came home from work with a huge crack in the windshield. Well it's under the deductible so we have to pay for it. He said it wasn't there when he went into work but it was there after work. We think it was just a chip that spread or something. So that will cost us about 240 buckaroo's. Yuck.. Well very next day aaron took the honda and went into the gas station down on the corner when he was walking out of the store he saw a girl back into our car. She was 16 and talking on the cell phone imagine that... Ha! So their insurance is going to pay for it. I have to take it in for estimates today. It's drivable but it's going to need a new bumper now.
So i went to the doctor first and had to be put on high blood pressure medicine. I can't remember if i wrote anything abou thtis now or not. It was last week. My blood pressure is still high but they think it may hae been my birth control causing it Soooo I'm switching that now and praying that the medicine for the high blood pressure will do the job. Allan decidedhe needed an apt too cause his knee has been really bothering him. They told him he may have a baker's cyst in the back of it. The prescribed him something too..
So yes it kinda seems like when it rains it pours.
However on a good note, My cabinets in the kitchen are coming along nicely. I've been painting them white because they were so dark. So i'm giving the kitchen a facelift slowly but surely. It's my little project. Usually allan steps in and does it but I'm doing this one. ;-)
Another good note is that i'm on fall break. I don't have classes till wed. and then I'm off again till next monday! The wed class is only two hours in the morning.
Lilly is doing good. The teeth still haven't came thru very much but she is working on it i guess. She is crawling and walking all around the furniture. She diggs thru her toy box. It's cute. She also has started to notice the pictures on the wall. She loves for you to hold her and tell her who each picture is. I mean she bounces and screams with joy. She loves the pictures. You can't walk down the hall without her turning towards them and hollering. lol.. When she is tired she will tilt her head on your shoulder after you tell her a name. It's very cute.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I can't believe some people...

So we had a long day in class today. We had lecture for two hours this morning. Then at 1pm we had to be back in class because we all had to give presentations on the places we went and interviewed. I interviewed the child development center. There were at least 50 places that were interviewed. They were all places that help people in different areas like the alzheimer center, the diabetes care center, youth crisis, anyway we were in there for 4 hours. I understand the idea behind this is to give us an idea of where we can refer people to get help when we are nurses. The last group had a presentation on safe kids program. They said that if you see someone who has left their kids in their car at walmart or somewhere then you could call safe kids instead of the police. Well it's very ironic that they went last.

About 5 minutes before they went, the instructor came in and asked if anyone was driving a certain color make and model car.. No one claimed it. We thougth someone had left their lights on. Nope After class there was a small gathering at this car and the campus police had been called. A girl from our class came to that car and unlocked it. This girl had a baby the second week we were in class. Can you believe she left this tiny baby that can't be more than 2 months old and a toddler in the car for 4 HOURS. She is studying to be a nurse. I have talked to her. She doesn't seem crazy, pretty normal in fact. I just couldn't believe anyone could do that. I mean you hear about it all the time, but to see it or have it be someone you know??? I'm hoping they will kick her out of the program to say the least and someone needs to think about taking those children. I'm pretty sure the casper police were being called. All i can guess is that maybe she had post partum depression and wasn't thinking correctly? I don't know.

Anyway,how about that presidential debate? I thought John Mcain did very well. He's a fiesty old guy for sure. I'm not sure picking sarah Palin will help him in the end but who knows. It sure was interesting to watch. I didn't get to watch it all the way thru cause i had lilly duty and she was so upset tonight. Poor thing. Her tooth is poking thru for sure now.

She is down now and I'm headed to bed too. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for orientation.
Good night you all

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can't keep up

I'm in the middle of painting kitchen cabinets. Probably shouldn't of started that one yet. LOL.. I just learned at school that I"m going to the rehabilitation center for my first clinical rotation. I spend 4 weeks there then i switch to the hospital for the last two weeks of the semester and pick back up there in the spring semester. Midterm grades are out for one class. I have a 91% which is the lowest A you can have. Hey, it's still and A right? haha
Lilly is teething bad right now. These top two teeth just don't want to come in. I think one is barely breaking the skin. I can't see it too good but i think i see a speck of white. She is pissy all day and last night she woke up for a good hour or two in the middle of the night and would not calm down for anything. So i'm running on zero energy.
Okay i'm done complaining. I'm going to the library tonight so i can start on my 6 page paper for an issues in nursing class that will thankfully be over in november! One down. I still have a 100% in math so far. Yeahhh.. !
Mom is doing some running around today. I think she needed some time away from the house and from lilly. She is quite the handful right now. So she is out doing osme errands. Hopefully she will do something fun for herself too.
Anyway i'm going to go relax while lilly is finally down for a nap. wheeww exhausting little thing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

it's raining it's snowing the old man is snoring..

ghost story? maybe

Okay so my friend muffy went on a minivacation to deadwood a week or so ago. I visited with her two days ago and she told me it was the weirdest trip they had ever taken. She said that she has never believed in ghosts or anything like that. Well she said that changed with this trip. They went with a few other couples. While they were in their room they were taking group pictures and i'll post two of them on here. They said something strange happened in one photo. You can see their friend is outlined in black. Totally covered in black. They took it downstairs and the hotel person said" are you in room 203?" They sad yes and she told them it was the hotel ghost. Supposedly he jumps in pictures. There is a book in the hotel on all the stunts he has played on the visitors. They blew it off but later that night her and jason were coming back to the room and the other couple were already in there asleep. Muffy had a key but the door wasn't opening really. She gave it a push and two chairs on the other side were stacked one on top of each other holding the door closed. The other couple woke up in the comotion and they swore they didn't do it. Muffy said she believed them cause the girl got freaked out and started crying.
So here are two pics they took in the room.. one is normal the other isn't??
I have my own thoughts on these kind of things but i want to here yours.. Send me an email if you want. or post it here. Do you believe in ghosts? angels and demons? both? something else? an overhyper imagination?
i'm interested..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We had a good anniversary

We went to firerock and i didn't cut my finger this time. Allan cut the bread. To tell you the truth i think the restaruant was overrated. It was pretty but the food wasn't anything to write home about. lol.
I've been running around everywehre lately. Doc appointments and interviews at help centers around town for school. Plus i'm signing off on my last checkout for this semster tomorrow so i had to go into the lab to practice. I have a huge test on monday too. wheewww. busy lady i have been.
I stopped by our friends muffy and jason. Jordan there 1 year old is walking now. She runs more than walks but she was such a cute kid. She just pulled on me to pick her up and wanted to play. It was very cute. REally friendly child. ;-)

Allan is still out of town. He was only home for our anniversary and now he is back on the road at another rig that has some major problem. YUCK!!! I'm hoping he will be home tomorrow. We'll see.

I'm so tired. Lilly didnt' go to bed till 930 tonight and i had such a busy day i think it's past my bedtime too. In fact i don't even know if this post is making any sense that's how tired i am. So i'm going to sign off. Good night all. Thanks to those who voted on my poll. I'm thiking obama is going to be the president. We will see what happens i guess. They are always very interesting to watch . I like seeing the states going red or blue. lol..
Goodnight All!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

happy anniversary to us! lol

Happy anniversary honey pie! We got married two years ago. We had a wonderful wedding despite all the crazy things that happened. YOu got poision ivy so bad you had to go to the hospital, Poor maddie also in the hospital, all the bridesmaids were constipated, oh the list could go on but... It was a wonderful wedding and that beings said it doesn't even compare to the last two years i've had with allan. I'm stll super excited to be married to such a wonderful man and to have bought our first house and to have such a sweet baby. My life is going so well and it has alot to do with this wonderful man i married!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

you have to watch this video..

here is proof kids will repeat whatever they hear. This was so funny to me.

hmmmmmm it must be hard learning to crawl

Lilly is crawling everywhere and trying to walk around on everything too, but she has biffed it a few times and here are pictures of her huge bruise on her head from the latest fall. Nevermind her spaghetti face. LOL
poor little girl. We are going to have to invest in a helmet i'm afraid.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

HELPPPPPP I need a stitch!

So we had a date night last night. Or at least we tried to have one. We wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner but we hadn't planned anything out so we went by the new asian bistro in town called "lime leaf". It was so crowded. So allan suggested that we finally go to firerock ( which is a fancy steakhouse here in town). We have never been and so we thought sure why not. We went in and it has a gorgeous atmosphere. WE got seated right away. WE decided to splurge and get what we really wanted on the menu and not worry about the price because we had wanted to come here for so long. So allan ordered their organic ribeye which happened to be the most expensive steak on the menu... ( caN'T HELP NOTICING THE PRICES LOL) I ordered a filet. They brought us two salads and we took a couple bites and they brought us this wonderful looking loaf of bread. YUMMMY! I'm a bread girl. So i was cutting a piece off and and asking allan if he would like a piece and i slice thru my thumb. I should of probably led this story off by telling you in school we are practicing wound care and packing these huge gapping sore with wet to dry dressings and blah blah blah.. Well i looked at my thumb which was gushing blood by this point and i blurted out.." i need a stitch." Allan said "what are you serious?" I went to the bathroom holding my thumb in my other hand and by the time i got in the bathroom my whole other hand was filled with blood. i ran my thumb under water so i could see how bad the cut was. It was a really clean cut but looked pretty deep and there was a ton of blood . So allan canceled our order and called mom to tell her we were going into the ER to get stitches. WEll i was applying pressure the whole way there and half way there i decided to peak. Guess what? It had totally stopped bleeding. Allan couldn't stop laughing at me. He siad the new phrase of the day is.. " i need a stitch." I guess he thought is was hilarious because i didn't say i need stitches i just apparently needed only 1 stitch.
We ended up having a nice dinner at the lime leaf with no stitches (not even 1) and it is very yummy food there too.
Allan got called into work today. I'm going to take lilly on some errands today. She needs to get out a bit. So we are going to hit up walmart and a few other spots.
Then i'm going to study flash cards till allan comes home. Oh and i need to make some lasagna for monday. Yummy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lilly update

Well she is definetly teething. LoL. We had her 9 month checkup today. She weighed in at 17 lbs and she is 28 inches long. So that puts her in the 75% for height and the 25% for weight. She was tugging at her ears and so i had the doctor look at them but like i thought he said it was just cause she was teething. He noticed that lilly had two bruises on her forehead.. lol.. i swear she needs a helmet right now. She is furniture walking and just not very coordinated yet. When i told him she was walking holding on to furniture he said that he thinks she will be an early walker. He said she is a couple months ahead of schedule as is. Smart little independant cookie i have. LOL. So he said she is healthy and should come back to get a flu shot next month. I guess they are recommending it for all kids under 9 now?? something like that. I also asked the nurse how much they start their nurses at there because i hear working in the office is alot less money than the hospital. Which makes sense i suppose. It's alot easier of a job with nice hours. She said you could expect 18-20 bucks an hour.Not that bad considering the hospital is hiring new grads for 25.
Anyway, It's late so i'm off to bed. Lilly has been sleeping better the last coupe nights so i'm hoping she keeps it up tonight.
Have a good weekend you all!