Friday, December 2, 2011

holiday busy season...

Hello all,
I have been busy and neglecting my blog. I am still really busy today but thought i might squeeze a little blog in here. Allan made it home late the other night and we have been going and going since he got home. Yesterday we went to the mall so allan could get some ideas for me for christmas.. lol and we were wasting time while my car got a oil change and a look over before our big trip. We picked up emma from school yesterday and we went to dinner at olive garden last night. Yummy food. We watched christmas movies with the girls after dinner and bathtub time and had hot chocolate. This morning allan is taking emma to school and lilly is still sleeping so i'm up enjoying the news and blog by myself. Today I have to get some homework done. Unfortunatly. I am soooo over these stupid classes. Every instructor I have grades my papers differently when it comes to apa format. Our school has an online resource that gives you purdues online writing lab's examples and instructions to follow. So that is what I use. I guess it's not what the teachers use to grade. So I'm not totally complaining cause I got a 95% and 100 on my two papers that i have turned in with this instructor. It's just her comments that bother me. " sarah, the academic world uses apa 6th edition and so does this university. I don't know why you would think your title page is correct. " and " this is your last class, you need to get apa format down" So of course it rubbed me the wrong way and i wrote back and said I used the one your school puts out there which happens to say it is 6th edition 2 copy and it's disappointing that the teachers don't grade according to what the school says is the way to write it. It's in the schools writing lab section... then I copied and pasted exactly what it said for me to do that i did do and where it got it's info. So i stillhave no idea where she is getting her info but it's enough to drive me crazy and I have another paper i need to get done today.
Anyway, I also have a doctor apt today . we don't get an ultrasound just a regular apt but we do get to find out when our ultrasound is and that means we get to find out what the baby is. I'm thinking it will be on christmas week. well sometime around then.
We also have to get all packed up today for our texas trip. I got our christmas presents mailed out to everyone that lives far away already since we will be gone for quite a few days. I haven't packed a single piece of clothing though. yikes. lol.. So i need to do some laundry and get to packing between papers. I think that lilly may go visit lala today so that I can get some things done and she will have fun. Allan needs to get a haircut today. poor guy came back all shaggy from being gone for a month. it's the longest i have ever seen his hair. i'm not sure what else he has planned though.
Well i better get to it. happy holidays everyone!

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Beckie said...

Gah how frustrating! And she sounds like a witch >.< hahah